How to use Kodi on Android to watch DTT channels

how to use kodi on android to watch dtt channels.jpeg
how to use kodi on android to watch dtt channels.jpeg

Kodi is a complete multimedia content manager that allows you to play everything you have stored, also on Android. And it has add-ons for a huge variety of content, including offers support to play live channels, such as DTT. It is not the most comfortable thing in the world, but, if you already use Kodi on your Android, it does not hurt to add live TV.

Maybe watching TV on an Android is not the best thing to do, but there is no doubt that not only is it practical on more than one occasion, there will also be those who appreciate it. It is not too difficult to achieve, even without using applications. (or with them). In addition, it is possible to take advantage of the benefits of a ‘colossus’ like Kodi for the task we are looking for: play DTT on an Android device; either with WiFi or via data connection. Let’s see how.

Live TV as IPTV through Kodi

DTT channels on Kodi

Using a multimedia player center as complete as Kodi to watch TV is not the most practical since, as we mentioned before, there are applications that already perform this function as standard (and in a much simpler way). But it never hurts to know other methods in order to have more possibilities. For example, it is very practical if you use Kodi on an Android media player: just configure the list of IPTV channels to have DTT without the need for a terrestrial antenna.

Kodi works on most Android phones, also on televisions and players with Android TV (and TV Box). It is a super complete multimedia center that serves as a platform for play movies from a network hard drive or as a game launcher, two of its innumerable virtues. All thanks to the ‘add-ons’, Kodi add-ons that manage to eliminate almost any limit of the application.

Let’s go to what interests us: How to watch TV on Android taking advantage of the possibilities of Kodi? Let us begin.

  • First things first: you have to download Kodi on your Android. No matter the device: mobile, tablet, media player or TV, If you have Android, the safest thing is that you can install Kodi.
  • Access Marc Vila’s GitHub and copy the link to the m3u8 playlist of the DTT channels. You must manually copy the link because you will have to write it.
  • Open Kodi on your Android and click on the upper gear icon, then on ‘Add-ons’.
  • Choose ‘Install from repository’.
  • Go to ‘PVR Clients’ and find the ‘PVR IPTV Simple Client’ app. Click on ‘Install’, at the bottom right, and accept the installation of add-ons added. The Add-on will be installed in your Kodi application.
Install Kodi Add-on
  • Now click on the ‘Configure’ icon. It appears at the bottom of the installed Add-on.
  • Click on ‘M3U Playlist URL’ and type (the Kodi keyboard does not allow to paste) the link that you copied from Marc Vila’s GitHub. The URL should look something like this: ‘’. Click ok.
Configure IPTV list on Kodi
  • Click on the ‘TV’ section on the side of Kodi.
  • You will see that the entire list of DTT channels appears: you just have to click on the one you want to see so that Kodi plays it.

You can use the list of IPTV channels for any version of Kodi: the way to configure it is always the same, regardless of the device. Marc Vila updates the channels frequently, so feel free to visit his GitHub to see if there are any new updates. Also, you can use the list with other IPTV apps, not just Kodi. The choice is yours.