How to use Android split screen with any app, even if it doesn’t support it

how to use android split screen with any app, even if it doesn't support it
how to use android split screen with any app, even if it doesn't support it

Android’s split-screen mode has been with us for a few years now, having debuted with Nougat , but almost every successive version has improved it to a lesser or greater extent. What remains the same is that some apps refuse to work in split screen mode, like Instagram .

If you want to use two applications at the same time on mobile and one of them does not support split screen mode, the good news is that you can force it from the developer options. And, barring a few minor visual bugs, it works quite well.

Split screen by hook or by crook

It’s been six years since Android first introduced split-screen mode, and yet we still find major apps that refuse to gracefully resize , like Instagram (which also refuses to rotate ).

How to use two apps at the same time on Android with split screen mode

You’ll recognize them as they don’t show the split screen menu in recents view, and if your layer allows you to try launching it in split screen mode anyway, it won’t. Instead, you’ll see a message similar to The app doesn’t support Split Screen .


Instagram still doesn’t support split screen

Luckily, the latest versions of Android allow you to force all apps to work in split-screen mode. The option is part of the developer options that you will have to activate in the usual way: by going to Settings> information and hitting the build number.

Then go into the developer options (usually in the System section of the settings) and activate Force resizing of activities . Please note that the translation may vary between layers and even between versions of Android.


After doing so, try your favorite method to open the split screen again and you will see that it is now available in all applications. For example, if you open the recent view and long-tap on the app icon, you will be shown the Split screen menu .

This way, the app will open in split screen mode whether you like it or not. What happens next is somewhat unpredictable: it may work without problems or have some elements somewhat inaccessible , but at least it will work.


In this way, no application will escape the multi-window mode , although this trick should be less and less necessary. Android 12 changes how multi-window works: on large screens, all apps work in multi-window, but those that don’t resize do so in compatibility mode. On small screens, it is still necessary to use the previous trick.