How to update the applications of your Android TV

how to update the applications of your android tv.jpg
how to update the applications of your android tv.jpg

Android TV is becoming popular in each of its forms. Well as an operating system for televisions, as an operating system for set-top-boxes smart or on board the chromecast with Google TV, the Google system continues to advance and as such, more and more users are approaching the platform. A platform that, everything is said, does not stop growing in number of applications so we are going to show you how to update them once they are installed.

Updating apps on Android TV

One of the things that Android TV has is that except for small details, its interface does not change depending on the device we are on. Yes, there are cases like Patchwall, Xiaomi’s proprietary layer for its own televisions and with its own tricks, but even in these cases little changes what lies beneath the surface, and that’s where we’re headed.

As we have said, Android TV comes with different apps already installed to be able to start working from the first moment and we can install many more, almost as many as we want or its internal storage allows us. But once this is done, it is time to keep them updated and carrying out this procedure may seem a bit cumbersome, but it is not at all. We explain how to do it.

We navigate to the title of the row of apps,

To begin with, we go to the Android TV home window, the one we see as soon as we turn on the application, our set-top-box or our Google TV. There we see a line of apps in the first place, we stand on it and navigate to the left looking for the title of the section, ‘Applications’. We can also do the same by navigating to the right to the ‘+’ button to display the complete list of apps.

We locate the dedicated button for Google Play,

Once we are in this list we will have the Google Play button at the top of the screen with the text ‘Download more apps’. If we want, we can directly search for Google Play among the installed apps, but as we can see, this is not necessary since it has a fairly visible direct access. Press the OK button on the remote to access.


The next thing is to navigate with the control to the left and place ourselves on ‘Manage apps and games’. From there we will access, as indicated by the button, the app management section, which is where we will find the option to update them. We will see that Android TV makes a count of how many apps we have without updating next to the text ‘Earring’. We access this section.

Unless you have space problems, our recommendation is that you update all the apps at the same time

Once inside we will have the button to update our installed apps, either browsing one by one or updating them all at the same time, which is what we recommend unless there is a space problem because we have completed the internal storage of our Android TV. That’s it, all we have to do is wait for our Android TV to download each update and install it, and we’ll have all the apps up to date.