How to turn off the previews with sound that YouTube is starting to use on Android TV and Google TV

how to turn off the previews with sound that youtube.jpg
how to turn off the previews with sound that youtube.jpg

It is not something new, since the automatic reproduction of the videos is already available on mobile devices and in the desktop versions. When pausing on a video, the window increases in size and starts to be heard automatically Unless we change the window again or deactivate it ourselves by following these steps.

Activated by default, this is how it is disabled

For now it is a test limited to a small number of users, so it is not certain (although not impossible) that you have it active if you use Google TV or Android TV. It’s about checking how users react to this change and if it really works fine.

The functionality has no mysteries. As they have discovered in 9to5Google, when you stop scrolling in the preview

On televisions, however, it may not be such a pleasant experience, so it is always appreciated that the developers have activated an option to disable it in the settings menu.

Tv 1

If we don’t want the videos to play automatically with sound in the previews

Tv 2

To check if I was lucky and this option was activated, I tried with a Chromecast with Google TV and to my surprise, yes it appears. However, on a television with Android TV the option still does not appear.

Default, the pre view