How to transfer files between Wear OS watches and the phone with the NavExplorer app

how to transfer files between wear os watches and the.jpg
how to transfer files between wear os watches and the.jpg

Smart watches are becoming more complete as they grow in storage, especially for applications. Because one of its strengths is precisely the ability to install applications. Although you can take advantage of the space for other tasks, such as saving your favorite song list. That the Wear OS app falls short for you? You can always trust NavExplorer.

File Explorer, Manager and Player

Wear Os File Manager

NavExplorer on the phone

The app that we recommend is a Swiss army knife if you want to access the folders of your smart watch. With NavExplorer you will see its structure and what each one contains. And, since it is a file manager, you will have the option to interact with them in the usual way: copying, cutting and pasting them.

NavExplorer consists of two apps: Wear OS and Android, It is worth installing both as it allows transfer files from phone using dual window manager. Enter the photos in your gallery, copy the ones you want and paste them in a folder on your watch, for example. You just have to proceed as with any other administrator, taking extreme precautions.

Once you open NavExplorer on your mobile you will see the two columns of files: phone storage at the top and Wear OS storage at the bottom. The application allows you to connect both devices via WiFi (they must be on the same network) and via Bluetooth (the simplest). Mark the folders or files you want and select the action you need: the administration options will appear above.

Wear Os 3 File Manager

NavExplorer on the watch

With NavExplorer on the watch, you can manage Wear OS files and folders. Its use is not very intuitive: scrolling from bottom to top appear the editing options (copy, cut, paste …); from top to bottom you will see the configuration, the mode selection and the storage graph used in the watch. The app also plays multimedia content in

It is somewhat confusing, but it makes the task of en


Nav Explorer – Wear OS Wireless File Transfer

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