How to test the best Samsung Galaxy without buying them thanks to online test mobiles

how to test the best samsung galaxy without buying them.jpg
how to test the best samsung galaxy without buying them.jpg

Samsung offers a very simple and convenient way to test their phones from your own computer: Remote Test Lab. This section for developers allows access to a large number of Samsung Galaxy phones, including the most expensive. Do you want to have a Samsung Galaxy Fold 3 or Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 in your hands?

With the bustle of new mobiles that shakes the Samsung catalog from time to time, it is not always easy to get an idea of ​​what each device offers. Yes, you can go to a store and try to test it if they have the smartphone exposed, but what if there is no one nearby? Fortunately, Samsung itself offers a way to test its latest devices: the test lab. It is for developers, but anyone can access such devices.

The latest Samsung Galaxy on your computer

Samsung Remote Test Lab

Which foldable Samsung Galaxy do you want to try today?

Remote Test Lab offers remote access test terminals. The idea is that developers have access to real devices with which they can verify that their applications work. By the way, they are also an excellent way to know how mobiles behave, how apps look and learn how they work.

Samsung is adding its new smart phones and accessories to the Remote Test Lab catalog so that anyone with a developer account has access to the latest terminals. The last to be added were the folding and the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4: any of these devices will run on your computer once you access the remote test.

As we said, to enter Remote Test Lab, a Samsung developer account is essential. The best thing is that this account is free and that, in addition, you can convert your “normal” Samsung account into a developer one just by agreeing to the terms. You don’t need more than 30 seconds.

Let’s see what steps are needed to test the best Samsung phones:

  • You need Java Rountime on your computer to run the test mobiles. You can download the latest version from the Oracle website. It is valid for Windows, macOS and Linux computers.
  • Once you have Java installed, go to the Remote Test Lab page and log in with “Sign-in”, at the top right.
Samsung Remote Test Lab

Terms for creating the developer account

  • It’s time to create your Samsung developer account. You can make a new one or convert your user account (the one you use with Samsung phones and apps) into a developer one: for this login with your profile and accept the developer terms.
  • Once you have logged into Remote Test Lab you will see the list of devices that you can test. These have three drop-downs: choose the Android version, select the device you will use from the “Device List” (the drop-down will show those that are free) and determine the time you will use the mobile with the “Reserve” drop-down.
  • Reservations cost credits, you can see how many you have at the top right of the screen (“Remaining credits”). These credits are free: every day you can add 10 to your account; that they give you for about 5 hours testing devices.
Samsung Remote Test Lab
  • Once you have chosen what you want from the phone, click on “Start”: a Java executable file will be downloaded to your computer.
  • Execute the downloaded file and the virtual Samsung Galaxy mobile (or the watch) will open: you can control it as if it were your phone. You can even log in with your Google Play account to download apps from the store. Of course, we recommend that do not leave personal data on those phones since, although Samsung will erase them, one ceases to be public devices.
Samsung Remote Test Lab

You can choose the language that the virtual mobile will have before starting it

  • RTL (Remote Test Lab) will alert you when time is about to run out. After the session ends, the mobile will disappear.

The operation of virtualized mobiles is quite good despite running remotely and on Java: During our sessions testing the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 and Galaxy Z Fold 3 they performed surprisingly well. You need a good Internet connection for the experience to be smooth, beyond here the use is as expected.

Samsung Remote Test Lab

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 emulated on the computer

With Remote Test Lab you can test how the folding screen of the Samsung Galaxy is used and how the different applications adapt to that form factor. You will have access to Samsung apps and everything that the phone originally comes with: it is a good way to know if it fits your needs without having to go to any store. And without buying it, another great advantage.