How to take screenshots in Android Auto

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how to take screenshots in android auto.jpg

Do you have a car with Android Auto and you want take screenshots of your screen and share them later? You can take them from the connected phone, just follow a few specific steps to activate the function. We explain how to do it.

A screenshot on time saves a lot of explanations, there is no device with a screen that dispenses with this method of sharing information. Sometimes the process to achieve them is simple, like press the power and volume buttons down on Android phones. Others have to dive into the settings, as with Wear OS watches. And what about Android Auto? It is also possible, although it is not as simple as pressing buttons.

To capture the screen of your Android Auto you need the developer settings

Android Auto Screen Capture

Screenshot taken from the Android Auto app

When you connect your Android mobile to the car, either with a USB cable or wireless Android Auto, the phone sends the image to the vehicle’s console so that all the information is projected there. Therefore, to capture the screen you must also operate from your mobile.

The steps to capture the screen in Android Auto are as follows:

  • Connect your mobile to the car (with cable or via WiFi, it does not matter).
  • Open the Android Auto app on your mobile.
Android Auto Screen Capture

  • Scroll down the menu to the “Version” area and press several times until you activate the development settings.
  • Press accept to activate the settings.
  • Access the top menu of the three dots and choose “Developer Settings”.
Android Auto Screen Capture

  • Now you can take screenshots of your car’s console: click on “Share screenshot now“for the mobile to take the snapshot. Then share it with the application of your choice to save the capture.

Every time you need to capture the screen of your car, go to the three menu items and enter the developer settings. Share the capture from your option and voila: you can do it as many times as you want.