How to take a selfie or take a photo with the camera without touching the screen on Samsung mobiles

how to take a selfie or take a photo with.jpeg
how to take a selfie or take a photo with.jpeg

Mobile phones are today a basic tool for many users. And we don’t just talk about calling or on

It is above all a utility that we can take advantage of to take selfies with the front camera or photos with the rear camera. And to improve the final results and avoid a possible blurred photo we can always use this “trick” by activating a function that allows take a photo without touching the screen.

Abracadabra … photo


We have at our disposal several methods to take a photo with the front camera of our device without having to activate the shutter manually. We just have to activate voice control or gesture control, something that we now explain to you.

The first thing we have to do is enter the application “Camera” and access the “Settings” by clicking on the icon with the cogwheel that appears at the top left of the screen.


In the new screen we have to look for the section “Shooting modes” and inside it activate the switch of the “Voice control”. From this moment on, you can use one of the set commands (smile, potato, shoot, capture …) so that the mobile can take the photo without touching it.

You can also activate another section on that same screen, such as using the palm of your hand (“Show palm”) so that when the mobile detects the palm of the open hand, it takes the photo.


In both cases and once the phone detects the order, a timer appears that will indicate the time you have before the photo is taken. In addition, with this system you can also record video if you are in “Video” mode and you say “record video”.