How to speed up your Android TV by closing running apps

how to speed up your android tv by closing running.jpg
how to speed up your android tv by closing running.jpg

As with mobile phones, Android TV also allows applications to be closed so that the device works faster. It is done by multitasking the system. And it can greatly speed up the operation of the TV or the player.

As apps are opened on any device, they remain in memory running in the background; with the expenditure on resources that this implies. Leaving apps open makes getting back to them faster, but also reduces the speed of the device, especially if it does not have excessive capacities. The system usually takes care of management, also on Android TV, although it can be helped at specific times.

Android TV multitasking is somewhat cumbersome

Close Android Tv Applications

On a mobile with Android we can press the button of the last open apps, or slide from the bottom edge of the screen and hold, to see at a glance the applications that continue to run (or perhaps not, everything will depend on what the system estimates ); with the possibility of closing them by dragging them with your finger. In Android TV there is also this option, but it is restricted to a combination of the remote control.

The remote is the control wand of any Android TV. The one that comes with the television or player can be used, although it is also possible to use the mobile app (for both Android and iPhone). In both cases the mechanics for closing apps is identical, let’s see it:

  • Press the “Home” button twice on the remote control.
  • You will see that all recent apps appear on the screen as a horizontal carousel. You can move to the one you want just by scrolling to it.
  • To close its execution, press the cursor down on the command: an “Ignore” will appear under that app.
  • Press the accept button (the action or central button) and the application will stop. By the way, Android TV will free up the resources you were using.
Close Android Tv Applications

This is the process necessary to close the applications: double-click on the start button, downward cursor on the app you want to close, and click on “Ignore”. You can cancel any process that you have opened that is probably running in the background. Although yes, perhaps your Android TV will reopen it automatically: everything will depend on what priority you have given it.

With the previous steps you can close the applications that you have opened, a process that it will make your Android TV faster as long as you don’t start other apps. But it could be the case that your device was slow due to a system app, one of those that opens at startup and does not appear in the multitasking menu.

You can force stop any system application. Of course, it involves some risk since your Android TV could become unstable

Closing a system application is possible and can speed up your Android TV, although it also it could give you errors if the app is necessary for the device to work properly. Taking this into account, the process to cancel the execution of these applications is as follows:

  • Access your Android TV settings.
  • Go to “Applications”.
Close Android Tv Applications

  • Click on “See all applications”.
  • Descend to “Show all system apps“and access the app you want to close.
  • Click on “Force stop”: Android TV will close the application releasing the resources. In the event that you do not want it to reopen, you can also disable it.
Close Android Tv Applications

Remember that Force closing system apps can cause your Android TV to malfunction (especially if you get to disable the application). Be very careful.