How to share links in Instagram stories with the new sticker or sticker

how to share links in instagram stories with the new.jpeg
how to share links in instagram stories with the new.jpeg
Instagram has added a new function that some users can already access within the platform. It’s about the possibility that allows you to share links on Instagram stories by means of one of its stickers or stickers.

A feature that has been in the testing phase since June and is now beginning to roll out, although not all users can access it (You can cheer up and check if you have it activated). With this function it is easier to share links without having to have a certain number of followers.

Now for all users

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And it is that until now, to share links you had to use the movement of sliding up or (swipe up), an option that it was only available to the most select “instagramers”, those with a minimum of 10,000 followers.

Now Instagram democratizes and popularizes this function and from today all users will be able to share links through their stories on the social network. In order to use it, it will only be necessary to select the link sticker or link and then write the address or link that we want to be the destination.

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The function has just been released and for now and given that few users have it active, its characteristics are unknown. This is, yes for example Instagram will limit or censor links to certain types of content. What we do know is that to make the function more practical, you can paste a web address that we have previously copied.

It is good news that Instagram is adding improvements to its application, one of the basic ones in iOS, because not in vain it has been present almost from its inception and that it saw how it grew significantly with its arrival on Android in 20212.

Via | TechCrunch