How to send WhatsApp messages on Android Auto

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how to send whatsapp messages on android auto.jpg
WhatsApp does not have an application for Android Auto itself, although we will tell you how can you in

Send a WhatsApp from Android Auto

First of all, Google can read the WhatsApp messages that have reached your mobile if you ask it, saying “Ok, Google, read my messages.” These messages also appear as notifications, although the easiest way to check them is tap on the WhatsApp icon.

Even if there is no message, you can ask the Assistant to send a message with the command “Ok, Google, en


This button is basically the equivalent of “send a WhatsApp message”, as the rest of the process continues in the Google Assistant. First, he asks you tell him the recipient of the message.

Then it will touch you dictate the message to the Google Assistant. Before in


The previous method is useful for writing to someone who has not written to you recently, since the WhatsApp screen in Android Auto only shows the conversations with new messages that you received while Android Auto was active.

For reply to a conversation, you have several options. From this same screen, if you tap on a conversation, the Google Assistant will read your messages. After finishing reading, it will ask you if you want to reply. Once again, you must dictate the message and then you must confirm that the Assistant has understood you correctly.


Similarly, every time you ask the Google Assistant to read your pending messages, it will ask you if you want to answer to every conversation. The whole process is not very visual (the only thing shown on the screen is the animation of the Assistant speaking or listening) which is probably a good idea to avoid distractions. It is not even possible to read the message history, only the last one is displayed.