How to see your best memories of 2021 on Google Photos with ‘best of 2021’

how to see your best memories of 2021 on google.jpg
how to see your best memories of 2021 on google.jpg

If a few hours ago it was Instagram’s turn to start showing us what had been the most relevant of our year in regards to their stories, now it’s time for Google. Specifically, from Google Photos, the company’s cloud of photographs and which has already begun to enable its compilation of the best moments of the season.

As has happened in previous years, the end of the season is the perfect excuse for Google to take its artificial intelligence for a walk and for it to show us what they have been the photographs of our most memorable moments of this 2021. And under the title of ‘The best of 2021’ we have a story at the top of the app with the highlighted photos.

The best memories of 2020, in Google Photos

We are already used to seeing Google Photos memories at the top of the application. Links that imitate the shape of Instagram stories and other apps and that take us to photographs that remind us of moments lived a year ago, two years ago, five years ago. Now, on the occasion of the closing of the season, a new story appears, that of best of 2021.

Google thus collects the photographs that we have been uploading to the platform in the last year and compiles some examples of which their artificial intelligence considers that they have been our best moments. The variety and importance of these photos for us will depend, of course, on how many photo uploads we have made to Google Photos over the last year. Something that was not made easy when almost all free hosting plans were abolished.


As in previous years, the number of photographs collected in ‘Best of 2021’ for Google is random. There are users with 4 or 5 photographs in total, and others with compilations that even reach two dozen. And as for the order of them, there does not seem to be a consensus as there are users who report that their photographs are not arranged chronologically.

Be that as it may, Google Photos users around the world should already be seeing their ‘Best of 2021’ appear at the top of the mobile app. A good way to remember what has happened to us since the beginning of the year, although photographs of the end of the past 2020 will also be collected. A Google-style closing of the year, no doubt. Enjoy it.