How to see the permissions that an app needs before installing it, now that they do not appear in Google Play

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Google Play doesn’t tell you, but the Aurora Store does

The permissions that an application needs tells us a lot about it. Some of these permissions serve as a gateway for malware or simply let us see that something is not normal when, for example, a flashlight app needs to access your calls and location. In a way, the permissions they help us to know if it is worth installing an app regardless of whether we are going to grant them later or not.

Google Play no longer tells us what permissions an application uses, but instead shows us the section of data security in theory less robotic and with plainer explanations of what type of data the app uses, as long as the developer has included it in its description.

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In Google Play the permissions section no longer appears, as it has been replaced by the Security of your data

Google Play no longer shows the permissions used by an application neither on Android nor on its website, even if said app does not yet have the Data Security information. If you want to know them you must use a third-party application like Aurora Store.

Aurora Store is a great alternative to Google Play that you can use even without signing in. What is on Google Play is on the Aurora Store, but it is also displays some technical information that Google hides from users, such as the version of Android it’s based on or whether it uses known trackers.


Permissions still appear in the Aurora Store, an unofficial Google Play client

This information also includes the Permissions section where you can access the classic list with each and every one of the permissions that the application has included in its file Manifest.

What if you have an APK?

If you have the app on mobile in APK format, then you will need another method to know what permissions it uses. One of the best options is to use the APKAnalyzer application, a great free app with which you can learn a lot of information about an app before installing it, by analyzing its APK file.

APK Analyzer works both with the applications that you already have installed on your mobile and with any other that you have in APK format. In this case, you need to use the button floating to locate the APK file in mobile storage.


After opening and analyzing the APK, in the tab Used permissions you can see all the permissions that the application includes in your file Manifest and decide if you want to install it or not based on it, in addition to a lot of other information of interest.