How to see the busiest areas of a city with Google Maps for Android

how to see the busiest areas of a city with.jpg
how to see the busiest areas of a city with.jpg

For these holidays Google maps has recently released a novelty that is very useful to organize our trips and purchases. The popular map application now allows us see the busiest areas of a city, a feature that will allow us avoid, or not, crowds.

With Google Maps for Android can see the liveliest neighborhoods in real time and their peak hours, in addition to how busy their businesses are, so you can discover the most popular areas from each city to walk, shop or dine.

See the busy areas

Google Maps Busy Area Peak Hours

To see them busy areas of a town you just have to enlarge the map and look for the orange-colored areas. When enlarging the map in that area, the icon will appear “Busy area”. When you touch on that indicator, the neighborhood file will open showing in its graphs how busy the area is currently, allowing see peak hours for each day of the week.

Peak hours at sites

Google Maps Hours Punta Comercios

For years Google maps It also allows you to see how busy the sites are, and as a novelty now from the map overview you can see if a site is more crowded than usual. Now in the marker of each site will appear a pink circle as an indicator that it is fuller than usual.

When entering a site’s file, we will be able to see the influx in real time and the peak hours of each day of the week.

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