How to return to the old WhatsApp Web, without the new multi-device mode

how to return to the old whatsapp web without the.jpg
how to return to the old whatsapp web without the.jpg

Some changes are for the better and others are not so clear. That is what happens with the new WhatsApp multi-device mode, which came as a beta last year and allows, among other things, use WhatsApp on a PC without having the mobile connected.

The new multi-device mode has obvious benefits, but also drawbacks: only four devices are supported at a time and message download is slow and does not include all history. If you prefer the old mode, you can still switch back to it under certain circumstances.

The new mode has its drawbacks

One of the most anticipated novelties of WhatsApp in recent times is the new multi-device mode, which allows us to use WhatsApp Web or its versions for Windows or Mac independently of mobile. Unlike the old way, after configuring it with the relevant QR code, you can keep your mobile turned off or disconnected and continue chatting on WhatsApp Web without any problems.

However, it also has its drawbacks. The new multi-device mode is limited to four devices maximum, so if you need more you will have to close sessions before opening a new one. Also, if you have a considerable WhatsApp history, you will have to arm yourself with patience because they take a long time to download in the new mode and you do not have access to old messages.


You will recognize the multi-device beta because it is clearly indicated that it is a beta on WhatsApp Web and for PC as soon as you open it

With this in mind, there who prefers to stay as it was, with the old way in which WhatsApp Web worked. It had the drawback that it worked in sync with the mobile, which had to be kept on and connected to the Internet, but it could be used on many devices and was somewhat more agile when reviewing old messages. The good news is that you can, for now.

Going back is possible, but not in the beta

If you want to go back to the WhatsApp Web of yesteryear, I have good news and bad news. The good news is that it is possible and the bad news is that it probably won’t be for much longer. The new multi-device mode is here to stay, and proof of this is that you cannot disable it if you use the WhatsApp beta.

Now, if you use the stable version of WhatsApp, it is still possible to go back to the previous mode. To do this you must open WhatsApp, open the Linked Devices menu and tap on Beta version for various devices. At the bottom, on the information screen, the button appears. Get out of beta.


Once this is done, the sessions of the new multi-device mode will be closed and you will return to the old way, synchronized by mobile and that you can keep open on more than four devices at the same time. If at any time you change your mind, you can always sign up again at the same place.

If you use WhatsApp Beta, this option does not appear. Instead, you will need to make sure you have a recent backup of your WhatsApp and roll back to the stable version of WhatsApp. For this you need to uninstall WhatsApp, exit the WhatsApp beta program on Google Play and install WhatsApp again.