How to put any app in full screen in Android Auto

how to put any app in full screen in android.webp.webp.webp
how to put any app in full screen in android.webp.webp.webp

Android Auto’s Coolwalk redesign has brought multitasking welcome to the in-car display, though it’s not always as welcome: not all apps can be opened in full screen. What’s more, only Google Maps and Waze can do it, the rest remain split screen.

What if you want to put Spotify on full screen? You will not like the answer very much, because you can, although not in the best possible way. However, if you really hate Coolwalk, this method will help you make all apps open in full screen in Android Auto.

All apps big on Android Auto

Coolwalk’s redesign divides the screen into a grid where the main application is shown in large and a secondary one in another column, in small. The only exception is Google Maps, which you can open to full screen anyway after double-tapping its icon. If you try it with another app, the result is frustrating because instead of this happening, the last two apps swap positions.

If for whatever reason you prefer to have all the apps occupying the entire screen, there is one thing you can do: change android auto resolution. Coolwalk’s split screen requires a certain resolution and IPR to work and if it does not meet the minimum, it will simply stop showing two apps at the same time,


The solution is therefore to activate the options for Android Auto developers, enter them and touch on video resolution. The default setting is Allow car and phone to choose the best optionbut you can try for Allow 1280 x 720 Let’s see if the split screen is already deactivated. If not, you can go further and try Allow only 800 x 480.

With so many Android Auto display and radio settings in different resolutions and formats, you might be hard-pressed to find the setting that will effectively disable Coolwalk’s split-screen mode, but you’ll easily recognize it. all apps will open in full screen. Forget, therefore, the split screen.

Before and after

The best thing that can happen to you is that the previous configuration, within the Android Auto settings, is enough for you. If not, you can try it with AA AIO TWEAKER, the most complete app to customize Android Auto, where you have the tweak “Force full screen” among many others, although the app requires root and does not always work as expected.