How to protect your OnePlus apps with a password without installing anything

how to protect your oneplus apps with a password without.jpeg
how to protect your oneplus apps with a password without.jpeg

Before it is completely merged with ColorOS, OxygenOS is still a very clean customization layer, but with quite a bit of customization. One of the most hidden functions that this ROM has is that of block app content with password or fingerprint reader, no need to install anything.

This lock applies to both the lock screen and the notification bar with the device locked. In other words, even if someone can pick up your unlocked phone in a mistake you will not be able to read notifications if the password is not known. Let’s see how to do it.

Blocking apps on your OnePlus

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One of the best options that OnePlus offers is to protect apps by password or fingerprint. You will not be able to access their content or read the notifications in the notification bar itself until we know the phone’s credentials.

To activate this option you do not need to install anything, just we have to follow these settings:

  • Open the OxygenOS settings
  • Go to the ‘utilities’ section
  • Click on ‘App Blocker’
  • Activate it
  • Add the applications you want

The app blocker is selective and manual, so only the applications that you have selected yourself will be the ones that do not show content until we unlock them. When clicking on any notification, it will ask us for the credentials.

The process can be reversed at any time, removing the applications from the list or, directly, deactivating the option on our phone.