How to prevent solo apps from being installed on Android

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how to prevent solo apps from being installed on android.jpg

It may have happened to you at some point: you check your phone and there are applications and files that you are not very clear about where they came from. On Android it’s relatively easy install apps unintentionally, since there are very intrusive websites and apps with their banners and invitations to download and accept their notices.

We are going to teach you some practices to avoid apps alone are installed on Android, something that will help you avoid malware on your phone. With a little caution and some recommendations to take into account, you can keep your mobile clean of unwanted files.

That you get a warning does not mean having to accept it

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We generally go on autopilot when we see an “ok” prompt on the phone. Luckily, an APK file cannot be installed on Android until we take two steps: accept your download and install it. However, despite being two steps, it is nothing more than giving “accept” a couple of notices twice.

Also, they are not always APK files, some apps they can take us directly to the Play Store and, being an official store, we end up installing something that we do not need.

On some websites you can jump directly to the APK notice. Luckily, Android warns before installing anything. Although the “accept” button is large and colorful, you do not have to click

Android always alerts you when you are going to download an APK file. If it was not in your plans to install anything, it is not advisable to do so, no matter how much a website insists. In most cases they are malicious applications that want to install themselves “without our permission”.

Check the URL you are browsing

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When we browse the web, it is more than common to find fraudulent notices, which are nothing more than advertisements for you to download files. In this case, we give you a common example: you are looking for a movie online, and when you click to watch it, they “recommend” that you install a VPN to browse safer.

  • You open a web page.
  • You want to play content or download something.
  • A new window opens for you, which is really an ad that invites you to download something confusingly similar to what you wanted.
  • You end up downloading a file that you didn’t want.
Countless web pages open an intrusive ad with bad intentions when it comes to wanting to reproduce content

If you notice, the download page is a different URL, open in another window. Browsers like Chrome inform you about the window and the URL you are in.

Although not easy to spot for the average user, this is an ad open in a new window. How can you check this? Looking at the url and the open window manager. Google Chrome allows us to see which tab we are in at all times: if a new one has been opened, it is advisable to close it immediately.

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As a recommendation, it is convenient to know that an honest app will never appear under an advertisement of “speed up your phone, protect me”, aggressive temporary hooks like “install now, now, etc.” and other premises that invite downloading.

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Advertising in Xiaomi’s own native apps.

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With an unnecessary pop-up gift.

Sometimes these notices appear within the system’s own apps, as in the case of Xiaomi. In the MIUI cleaner app itself there are colorful prompts to install apps and we are invited to add shortcuts to certain functions. This will fill our desktop with unnecessary apps and functions.

Check the notification bar from time to time

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There are apps that, without our permission, are hosted in the notification bar. If from one day to the next there is something in the notification bar that you do not recognize or you don’t know where it came from, you already know that there is something that has been installed without you noticing.

Getting familiar with the notification bar is a good strategy to avoid being unaware when these things happen. This notification bar also indicates the external files that have been downloaded, so it’s doubly useful.

Use a browser with AdBlock in certain circumstances

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Browsers with AdBlock are far behind in overall experience compared to alternatives like Chrome. However, if you are going to browse pages loaded with fraudulent ads, they can save you an upset.

This option is especially recommended when they pass us a download link of doubtful origin and that, surely, opens dozens of windows loaded with advertising

They are a good choice for open download links that can be linked to a battery of advertising pages that you must see and accept to end up reaching the destination page, websites with movie and series content, etc. Two good alternatives that we can recommend are Brave or the official AdBlock browser itself.