How to obtain the EU Digital COVID Certificate or COVID passport on an Android mobile

how to obtain the eu digital covid certificate or covid.jpg
how to obtain the eu digital covid certificate or covid.jpg

With the vaccination campaign advancing at full speed, the European Union has proposed recover tourism as soon as possible, one of the sectors most affected by the pandemic. To do this, it has created the Its official implementation will be

What is the COVID Digital Certificate

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The so-called COVID passport is actually a QR code available in physical (paper) or digital (via mobile) format with which a person can demonstrate three possible scenarios against COVID-19:

  • That you have received the vaccine: indicates how many doses we have received, of what type and on what date.

  • What has been done a test in the last 48/72 hours and the result has been negative: indicates the type of test (antigens, PCRs or rapid test), in which center it has been done and the result.

  • What has recovered of the disease recently: they indicate, among other information, the date of the last positive test, the issuer and the proof that we have already been free of COVID for more than 11 days.

This certificate, individual and non-transferable, is issued free of charge by the health service of each country and will be valid throughout the European Union. It is not a prerequisite for

In the case of Spain, the Ministry of Health is the body that issues and certifies the data included in the COVID Digital Certificate, for which it has enabled a way to obtain it through the web. In addition, it is possible to request it in the Autonomous Community where we reside. Let’s see how to do it both ways.

How to apply for the COVID passport to the Ministry

If we want to obtain the COVID Digital Certificate through the Ministry of Health, it is enough to access its website through the mobile phone and follow the following steps:

  • Enter the section ‘Application for the EU Digital COVID Certificate’ on the website of the Ministry of Health.

  • To identify yourself, you can choose between two methods: the permanent Cl @ ve or the digital certificate. Also keep in mind that to sign the application, you will need the Cl @ ve Firma or the Self-signature program.

  • Once you have accessed, select which of the certificates you want to receive: you can order a PDF to take it stored on the mobile phone or request that the paper certificate be sent to you by post.

How to apply for the COVID passport in each Autonomous Community

As we have said before, in addition to resorting to the website of the Ministry of Health, we can request a COVID Digital Certificate through the websites and mobile apps of each of the autonomous communities, provided that they have activated the request. Asturias, Balearic Islands, Cantabria, Castilla La Mancha, La Rioja and Murcia are still pending to do so, but the rest have already been active:

  • Andalusia: enter the ClicSalud + portal, go to the ‘Health’ section and identify yourself with the digital certificate, the permanent password or the health card number. It can also be requested through the Salud Andalucía app. Those over 65 will receive the paper certificate at their homes.

  • Aragon: enter the Salud Informa website, identify yourself with the digital certificate or the Salud PIN and you will be able to download the PDF with the data and the QR. The same functionality will be enabled in the Salud Informa mobile app soon.

  • Canary Islands: enter the myHistory portal and identify yourself with the digital certificate or permanent Cl @ ve. The community has also activated the procedure through its mobile app myHistory for Android.

  • Castile and Leon: you can download it through the mobile app

  • Catalonia: the La meva Salut portal has been updated and enabled to include the download of the COVID Digital Certificate. You can also request it through the La meva Salut mobile app, although in both cases, you will have to identify yourself with the digital certificate, the permanent Cl @ ve or the health card code.

  • Valencian Community: there is a website specifically developed to request the COVID Digital Certificate, identifying yourself with your health card number and date of birth. You can also request the CDC from the GVA + Salud app.


  • Madrid’s community: the request is made through the Health Card app, although you can also call 900 102 112 or go to a health center.

  • Estremadura: it does not have a mobile app for this procedure, but you can request it on the Salud Extremadura portal by identifying yourself with the digital certificate or PIN code. You can also apply for the CDC in person at health centers and hospitals.


  • Galicia: you must first request access through the Chave365 system and then you can request the CDC online through the app. It is also possible to request it in person at the community vaccination points.

  • Navarre: You can order it on the Personal Health Folder website or in the Personal Health Folder mobile app for Android, but you need the digital certificate, the Cl @ ve PIN or the card number to identify yourself.

  • Basque Country: enter the health folder that you will find on the Osakidetza website. You can identify yourself with the digital certificate or by registering in the BakQ electronic identification system.