How to mirror your mobile screen in the car with AA Mirror Plus for Android Auto

how to mirror your mobile screen in the car with.jpg
how to mirror your mobile screen in the car with.jpg

There is a very simple and fast way to mirror your mobile screen using Android Auto: the AA Mirror Plus application. With this app installed on your phone you will see the small screen on the vehicle console; Having the ability to view YouTube videos when you are not on the go, you can make a video call or any other task that comes to mind.

Duplicating the mobile screen so that it can be seen on TV is super simple on Android if you have a Google Chromecast or an Android TV (which also includes Chromecast). Now: what if you wanted to see the phone screen in the car console taking advantage of the fact that you have Android Auto there? By default it cannot be done, but there are apps that do it with little effort; like AA Mirror Plus. Yes indeed, only for those occasions when the car is parked, it must not be used while moving.

Replicate the mobile screen on the car console without complications

Aa Mirror Plus Android Auto It may not be the most useful, but you can see the Fortnite games on the car screen

AA Mirror Plus is the evolution of the initial project, AA Mirror, an app that allows you to duplicate the mobile screen in a car with Android Auto. With the Plus version there is no more requirement than have it installed on the mobile and that the vehicle system detects it as native (no ROOT required). For this we will use AAAD, an excellent installer that will work almost all the magic.

So that you can duplicate the mobile screen you must follow the following process:

  • Download Android Auto Apps Downloader (AAAD) on your mobile. It is a safe APK and developed on open source.
Aa Mirror Plus Android Auto
  • AAAD enables the installation of an app at no cost (to avoid the limitations, it requires a payment of 3.5 euros). Search for AA Mirror Plus and download it to your phone.
  • You have everything ready: now you only have to open AA Mirror Plus in the control panel of your car and accept the permissions that will appear on your mobile.
Aa Mirror Plus Android Auto

The application needs accessibility permission in order to be able to

We have been testing screen mirroring on Android Auto wireless and it has performed better than we expected – shipping is smooth, there is hardly any delay between the actions being executed on the mobile and being seen in the car, neither device crashed and we were even able to play Fortnite without the lag clouding the game excessively (play on the mobile screen, not the car screen). Of course, this does not mean that you do well, everything will depend on the car, your mobile and the connection they establish with each other.

Aa Mirror Plus Android Auto AA Mirror Plus can even serve as a selfie screen

Touch control always remains on the phone, AA Mirror Plus does not transfer this control to the vehicle screen. Yes you can choose the phone application by swiping in from the right edge of the car dashboard.