How to make a backup of all your SMS and restore it on another Android mobile

how to make a backup of all your sms and.jpg
how to make a backup of all your sms and.jpg

Most likely, your Android mobile will make a backup copy automatically, which includes the SMS messages. You can use this copy to restore the data, including SMS, on another mobile where you use your account, but if you simply want to export and import SMS, there are easier options.

If you simply want to take your SMS from one Android mobile to another, a very easy way to do it that is also free is with the SMS Backup application. This app creates a ZIP file with all your SMS, which you can restore later on any Android mobile.

How to export your SMS messages

The first step is, ob

Afterwards, the process is practically to press the only button available. From the outset, all SMS are selected, although you can also manually select the ones you want to export. When they are, press Back up, on the floating button.


The application will ask you if you want to include the multimedia files such as photos or voice notes and, when finished, it will ask you if you want on

If you do not choose this option, the SMS are exported as a string of HTML files, one for each message. You will find them in the folder where they have been exported and you can see them with any web browser. It is recommended that after making the copy you delete these files, as they could contain confidential information.

How to import your SMS messages

After creating your backup, you may want to restore it to another mobile. You will need then on

Install SMS Backup on that mobile and open the menu ⋮ to choose Restore. You must press the button Add Backup and use the Android file browser to choose the ZIP file with the backup.


If everything went well, SMS Backup will recognize the backup and notify you that it needs to be configured as default messaging app to perform the restoration, a requirement from Android KitKat. The restoration is relatively quick, although it depends on how many messages there are and if they contain many multimedia elements inside.

SMS Backup

SMS Backup

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