How to know what version of Android TV my TV has and how to update it (also Google TV)

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Exactly the same happens on televisions with Google TV, since in the end this is still a version of Android TV that is also updated periodically. In this post we will teach you how to check the version of the operating system, as well as how to update it (even without you having to do it yourself).

How to check the Android version on your TV

android tv version

Regardless of which version of Android TV your television has, also regardless of whether it is Google TV, everything goes through the settings. If you have a command with quick access to this section, press it. If not, click on its icon at the top right.

Paradoxically, checking the Android version will depend precisely on the version you have, but it’s not complicated. In older versions it appears within “Device preferences”, entering “About”. In other versions you can find that “About” directly.

If it’s Google TVthe path to follow is still from the settings, but in this case having to follow the path of System > Information.

In addition to the Android version, you can also check other interesting data in this section, such as the TV model, kernel version or Android TV operating system build number.

Once you are in the aforementioned section, you should search for “Version” or “Android Version”, in which you will put the information you are looking for. It should be said that, as happens on mobile phones, if you press several times in a row in this section will appear the easter egg of the Android version.

How to update the software to the latest version

Updating Android TV

Knowing what version of Android your TV has, the truth is that it will not be difficult for you to update it. And it is that it will not be very far from those settings where you find the “Update software” option (under “About” or “System”).

Once you enter that section, you will find the option to check for recent updates. By clicking on this, as long as the TV is connected to the Internet, the system will search for the latest version of Android that is compatible with the device and give you the option to download and install it.

In that same “Update software” section, the option to always keep the system updated. If you activate this option, you can forget about it and let the system update automatically when there is a new version that is compatible. In this case, the same thing can happen to you as on mobile phones, and that is that the update notice appears later than if you search for it manually.