How to know if your mobile has FM radio and what to do to be able to use it

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FM radio was a very common feature on mobiles in the early years of Android. Almost all phones had the necessary chip to tune radio stations from the palm of our hand, but the rise of podcasts (although new creations fell) and the possibility of listening to it over the Internet have pushed this interesting function away.

Many users wonder if their brand new terminal does it have fm radio or notThat is why we are going to explain how to find out if your mobile is compatible with FM radio, as well as what we can do to use it.

Is my new phone compatible with FM radio?

Samsung FM Radio

To begin with, we warn you in advance that fewer and fewer models incorporate the hardware necessary to tune in to the radio stations. Is a deprecated featuresince we can use the Internet to listen to our favorite stations.

Therefore, and starting from this base, the ideal is look at the spec sheet of your specific model. If you own an entry-level or mid-range Xiaomi, you have a good chance of having this feature. Some of the best-selling models such as the Redmi Note 9, Redmi Note 10 Pro, POCO X4 Pro 5G or some versions lite They have FM radio.

If you still have any questions, take the manual included in the box of your mobile and look for this functionality. Or we can enter the manufacturer’s website, although in GSMArena they have a mobile finder in which we can filter by features, here are the results of phones with FM radio.

Another faster way is locate the necessary application to listen to it. If you see in the list of applications a call “FM Radio” or with a similar name, the most normal thing is that your terminal has the necessary antenna.

As a last check, we can use the diagnostic tools that our Androids incorporate. Depending on the manufacturer, to access the diagnosis you will have to enter different codes. Here we leave you the main ones:

  • On Samsung phones: typing *#0*# in the phone app and pressing call.
  • On ASUS phones: typing .12345= in the Calculator app.
  • On HTC phones: Typing *#*#3424#*#* in the phone app.
  • On Sony phones: Typing *#*#7378423#*#* in the phone app.
  • On Xiaomi phones: writing ##64844## in the phone app.

How to use the FM radio on your Android mobile

We now move on to crux of the question: use the FM radio. To make use of frequency modulated stations we must have an application that is part of the pre-installed apps on our device. Obviously, each manufacturer makes its own application since Android does not have native support.

The app drawer (or the home screen if the personalization layer doesn’t have it) will host this app which is recognizable by his name. As we can see in the image below, this is what the FM Radio icon and application looks like on Xiaomi mobiles.

Xiaomi App Radio Fm

Some manufacturers usually add your own solutions to Google Play Store, and thus they are updated. An example of this is Motorola, whose app can be found in the official Android app store. Huawei also has its own that can be downloaded from APKMirror.

These applications have a similar interface, all you have to do is run it to listen to the radio from your mobile. We will be asked to connect headphones, since they act as an antenna, improving signal reception. Later, we will be able to tune in all the stations, useful for memorizing them and accessing them more quickly.

Depending on the manufacturer’s app we will have more or less useful functions.

Some extra functions provided by manufacturers such as Xiaomi is the ability to make recordings, which will allow us to listen later our favorite program Normally, they allow us to tune strings manually (by setting the frequency) or scan them automatically. If we scan them, the app will save the specific frequencies where they are best heard.

As an alternative, we have Spirit2, an application that can replace official solutions from the manufacturers. Although it has not been updated for a while, it is compatible with phones that have the FM Radio chip. This app is useful if we have installed a custom ROM like LineageOS, because we lose official support. We can download it from the XDA Developers forum.