How to know if your Android TV is certified to watch Netflix and other platforms

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Devices with Android TV have the door open to tons of applications, but not because they have the operating system can they fully access platforms such as Netflix, one of the most attractive: for this Android TV must be certified for playback. Do you want to know how to find out if yours has this certification?

Watching TV is as simple as plugging in the TV and turning it on, but another issue is finding something drinkable to watch. That’s where streaming platforms such as Netflix come into play: thanks to their huge catalog of content, all you have to do is search for something specific from the TV remote to enjoy hours and hours of fun. Of course, before there must be compatibility between TV and Netflix.

That your player has Android TV does not imply that it is certified

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Platforms such as Netflix or Amazon Prime give access to their catalog of multimedia content based on the capabilities of the devices to play videos protected by digital rights. It is what is known as DRM, a protection system that ensures any digital multimedia content against copying. In the case of Android (and the web), the platforms look at the Widevine certification.

An Android TV certified by Google will include the Widevine DRM system that will open the door to the reproduction of content through platforms such as Netflix. If you do not have this certification, it will not be possible to watch videos from the service. And even have Widevine on TV or player nor does it guarantee access to movies and series.

Widevine has two levels: L3 (to play videos at standard resolution) and L1 (in high resolution). Depending on the level of certification that your Android TV has, you will see the content through Netflix. Now, how do you know if your Android TV is certified and what level of certification does it have? Let’s see:

  • Open your Android TV and go to the Play Store.
  • Find the app “DRM information“. Alternatively, you can install it from here.
  • Open the application on your TV, you will see a list of options on the right with the application icon on the left.
Netflix Certified Android Tv

  • Scroll down to “Google Widevine Modular DRM” and see if it is listed as “Supported.” If so your Android TV is able to play Netflix.
  • If it appears as “Supported” press the button on the remote to access the menu and scroll down to “Security Level”. Look at the security level.
  • In the event that it is L3, you could only play content at standard resolution. If L1 appears you will be able to watch it in high resolution, always depending on your Netflix account (and device compatibility).
Netflix Certified Android Tv

Your Android TV device may not support Netflix even if you have Widevine L1. The usual thing is that the Smart TVs that come with this operating system pre-install Netflix among your apps (and other streaming apps, like Amazon Prime Video). Players may lack such compatibility, especially if they belong to an obscure brand. If you want to check if yours is compatible, you can access this list of devices.

In the event that your Android TV comes without Netflix, and it does not appear in the device’s Play Store either, you can install the APK directly. Yes indeed, you will only access the content in standard resolutioneven if it is certified with Widevine L1.