How to know if you are among the 533 million leaked Facebook accounts

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how to know if you are among the 533 million.jpg

Facebook has suffered one of the most serious user data breaches on record. Up to 533 million users have seen how their Facebook data (some, not all) appeared online in a compressed file that has traveled through various messaging networks and apps, and that has finally been converted into a website where we can check whether or not we are among the affected.

533 million affected users in a total of 106 countries across the globe, and up to 11 million of them with their active account from Spain. This is a good time for us to go to this website and verify if our data is online, so that we can make the necessary changes to protect our account and remedy (to the best of our ability) the serious error of Facebook.

How to check if your email or phone has been leaked

The data of 533 million Facebook users around the world has been exposed and there is nothing we can do to prevent it, it has already happened. What we can do is check if our data is among them, since those of all network users have not been filtered, and thus take measures such as changing telephones, email addresses or, simply, unsubscribe if that is what we want.

To check if our phone number or email appears among those filtered, we must go to the website ‘Have I been pwned?’, Built as a query system on the database of filtered information. There we will find a form to enter either our email or our telephone number.


We are talking about Facebook, an international social network, so our phone number is always associated with the international prefix. In the case of Spain, that number is 34 or +34 (both formulas are valid), so if our telephone number is 111111111 we will have to find it as 34111111111 or as +34111111111. Mail is searched normally.

Once we enter the phone number or email in the form and click on ‘pwned?’ we can receive two kinds of reply. The first one has a green background and the text ‘Good news – no pwnage found!‘and it will mean that our data has not been leaked. The second one has a red background and the text ‘Oh no – pwned! ‘ and it will mean that our data has been exposed. If we are in the second case, action will have to be taken. At the very least, change your password.

  • The link to ‘Have I been pwned?’