How to know if the 2022 Income Statement will be paid or refunded from your Android mobile

how to know if the 2022 income statement will be.webp.webp.webp
how to know if the 2022 income statement will be.webp.webp.webp

The 2022 Income campaign is almost here. On April 11 we can begin to present our declaration and we will have margin until June 30. However, there are different data that we can already consult to have things clear before the presentation period opens.

For example, we can already check our tax data to see what the Treasury knows about us, but we can also do a simulation to to know if the 2022 Declaration will pay us or return. We are going to teach you how to do it from your mobile.

How to access the 2022 Income simulator from your mobile

First of all, as we say, it is a simulator. You don’t need the digital certificate or [email protected], it’s just a look at the draft so that, when we have to face each other at the end, we know how to do it.

Of course, if we introduce realistic data, we can get an idea of ​​whether we will have to pay the Treasury or it will return us. That said, all you have to do is enter Renta WEB Open and select the ‘New declaration’ button (and it is not the only simulator that you can find on the website of the Tax Agency).

income simulator 2022

Once that is done, you have to fill in the boxes with your personal and tax information. We recommend that you use the most realistic data possible because you will be able to save the document on your PC for a manager to review it, for example, or to take it as a reference for the final document in April, since the process will then be less tedious.

Oh, the optimization of the administration websites…

If you have already had to do some paperwork on administration pages, you will know that they are not the most intuitive, that the processes fail on some occasions, that identification errors appear even if you enter data correctly and that kind of thing.

Here, since you don’t have to use passwords, SMS verification, [email protected] or the permanent key, we don’t think you will find any mistakes, but I have to tell you that the web is very poorly optimized and you will need to manually adjust it to enter the data. It may not happen to you, but the easiest thing is to get the error that I had.

When you open the web the first time, since it does not have a structure responsive, does not fit mobile screen. The size of it does not matter, since I have tested it on a 6.8-inch Android, on a more compact Android and on two iPhones of different sizes, with the same result on all four devices.

income simulator 2022

This is how it comes out the first time you open the web. And that small when you fit the document.

The split screen appears, so what you need to do is the pinch gesture to zoom out. done that, you will see that the document is tiny, but when you click on any field, the view automatically zooms in for you to fill in the data. It has autocomplete to make it easier.

When you complete a field, you pinch the screen again to go to the full view of the document… and that’s it. Fill in your details little by little and see if you get good news and it comes back to you.

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