How to know if my mobile is still compatible with WhatsApp and when it will stop being so

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Nothing is forever and not even WhatsApp. And it is that, despite the fact that the popular messaging application is found in hundreds of mobiles, the truth is that from time to time support is removed for some of them. Although it is not so much because of the hardware of the mobile itself, but because of its software, it happens in the same way on both Android and iPhone mobiles.

Most likely, if you have a more or less recent mobile, you do not have to worry. WhatsApp will continue to offer updates for your terminal for years. However, if your mobile is already something old it is very likely that you are about to run out of this application. In this post we will tell you how to check it and the requirements that your device needs to support it.

Android phones that support WhatsApp

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At the time of publishing this post, there are thousands of Android phones that are still compatible with this application. The requirement put by Meta (WhatsApp developers) is that the device has a version equal to or greater than Android 4.1. You can check for variations on this through the WhatsApp web portal.

For find out what version of android you have and consequently check the compatibility, just go to the settings and enter the control panel About of the phone. Depending on the customization layer that the device has, the name of said panel could vary, so you can also use the search engine by typing android version or system version.

WhatsApp usually offers Android updates for an average of 8-10 years.

It is also said that the device must have the possibility to receive SMS or calls during the verification process. This is because the versions of the application have required for years the introduction of a security code when activating WhatsApp. Although it is true that you can have the SIM card of the associated number in another mobile, it is more recommended that it be in the same terminal.

We must say that there is no written rule regarding the years of support, we can see that on average it is usually provided between 8 and 10 years of support. Android 4.1 was released in mid-2012 and almost 10 years later they continue to support terminals that stayed with that version. Any variation in this regard can be easily checked from the WhatsApp website that we mentioned earlier.

iPhones compatible with WhatsApp

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Although iOS is a different operating system than Android, it does not change much with respect to the longevity of WhatsApp support. As WhatsApp itself indicates on its website, you need to have a iPhone running iOS 10 or higher.

If you want see what version of iOS you have just go to Settings> General> Information. Information about your iPhone, including the version of software you have installed, will appear in this panel.

If you have a Jalibroken iPhone you could lose the ability to use WhatsApp.

In this case we also find other requirements like the one already mentioned for Android that the device can receive SMS and calls. However, a further limitation is added here in reference to do not use modified versions of the operating system as can be the case of Jailbroken iPhone. According to WhatsApp itself, they do not restrict its use as such on those devices, but it is possible to find one with the impossibility of obtaining updates from it and therefore making the app inoperative.

Taking into account the compatibility of Apple terminals with said version, we observe that the iPhone 5 and later they continue to have support, leaving the iPhone 4s, 4, 3GS, 3G and the original iPhone unsupported. In this case, the average longevity given is also 8-10 yearsas the iPhone 5 was also released in 2012, even though iOS 10 was originally released in 2016.

What happens when your mobile loses WhatsApp support

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The most common thing when an application stops receiving support, both on Android and iOS, is that it continues to be fully functional, despite not being able to update. However, this is not the case for WhatsApp, since the application is completely unusable.

Even if you already had the app installed, there will be a time when you cannot continue using it because it is not up to date.

If you already had it installed, whether it was with a registered phone number or not, you will notice that you still have it and it will remain so until you delete it. However, when you proceed to enter you will see a message warning you to update the app to the latest version to continue using it. It is usually accompanied by a link to the Google Play or App Store, but no matter how many times you go to the app store, you will not be able to update it in any way.

If you did not directly have the application installed, the same will happen. Usually yes it appears in the app store, although instead of the classic download button appearing, it will say something like “Not compatible with your mobile”. Depending on the operating system of your mobile, it may be that it will let you download it first, but when the download starts, it will be when the pop-up window appears warning you that the device is not compatible.

Why does WhatsApp stop working on some mobiles?

The reason why this application ceases to be operational on many mobiles is the same as with any other, although in this case it is more notable for being one of the most used on a daily basis. It is all basically due to a question of optimize resources and offer improvements in the most recent mobiles instead of keeping an eye on the oldest ones.

And yes, there are still many users with outdated phones at the software level, but they are a minority compared to those with more recent phones. Supporting everyone would require lots of technical resources and although this is not an application that requires state-of-the-art hardware, it does need to have at least recent software versions to be able to implement innovations according to them.