How to know how many WhatsApp messages you have already sent. Spoiler: there are more than you think

how to know how many whatsapp messages you have already.webp.webp.webp
how to know how many whatsapp messages you have already.webp.webp.webp

One of the most effective measures to find out how much we use our phone within Digital Wellbeing is to discover how many times we unlock it per day. One of the applications responsible for this unblocking is the most popular messaging application that exists: WhatsApp, with its different groups and chats. The app continues to implement new features to maximize its usefulness and while this feature is not new, it is little known and will surely satisfy the most curious people. How many WhatsApp have you already sent?

And how many messages have you received? Knowing this information is very easy and you can also solve both questions at the same time, since WhatsApp stores all incoming and outgoing messages and as you will discover, the numbers of both statistics are very different.

How to know the number of messages sent on WhatsApp

To access your personal message statistics on both Android and iOS, the first thing you have to do is open the WhatsApp application. From here the paths of both operating systems separate:

  • If you have an iPhone go to “Setting” > “Storage and Data” > Within the Network section, enter “data usage“.
  • On Android, the way is to press the three points in the upper right corner and from there touch on “settings” > “Storage and Data” > “data usage“.

I have tried on a couple of phones and in both cases messages received quadrupled those sentAlthough it all depends on how much you talk and how many groups and chats and how prolific they are.


WhatsApp statistics interface on iPhone

On this screen you will see your sent and received messages, as well as everything you weigh both sets. You can also view the bytes sent and received in files, statuses, WhatsApp call history, and total time. If you want to reset the counter to zero, at the bottom you will find “reset statistics“.

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