How to install Performance Monitor on Android Auto: control what happens to the car on the screen

how to install performance monitor on android auto control what.jpg
how to install performance monitor on android auto control what.jpg

Performance Monitor is an unofficial application for Android Auto that reflects everything that happens to the engine and related components on the vehicle’s screen. Speedometer, odometer, oil or battery levels and much more: with this application you will have all the car data at a glance.

With applications it is possible to expand the use of any operating system, whether for computers or mobiles. Even car borders can be extended: systems like Android Auto make it possible. Too bad the number and variety of applications is not too high, Google’s system needs a better ecosystem. Although yes, there are independent apps that break the barriers of Android Auto.

Performance Monitor, all car information on the screen

Performance Monitor Android Auto

Since it is not a Google certified app to be used on Android Auto, Performance Monitor cannot be found in the Play Store. Although it is possible to install it, and activate it, from tools such as AAStore and AAD: both include Performance Monitor among their installation options. They are just the ones we will use.

One of the Performance Monitor requirements is that the vehicle offer synchronization with the phone by taking advantage of the communication tools of the Volkswagen group, known as VAG. Therefore, Performance Monitor is currently valid for some Volkswagen, Seat, Audi or Skoda cars; and as long as they include Android Auto as a vehicle operating system, or

Given the requirements, and as long as you meet them, the installation of the app and its add-on is done as follows:

  • Download AAStore from its GitHub.
  • Install the APK on your phone and open it. You will have to accept their permissions to access the storage (save the downloads) and to install APKs (the Android Auto applications).
  • Open AAStore and scroll down to the “Performance Monitor” app. Click on it and install it.
Performance Monitor Android Auto
  • Now you need to install the VAG connection services: download aauto-vex-vag from its GitHub and install it on mobile.
  • Open Performance Monitor on mobile and customize the indicators as you wish. You can choose the oil temperature, speed, battery voltage … Remember that you must have a compatible Volkswagen group car.
  • Once the Performance Monitor is configured, connect the mobile to the car, either by cable or in wireless Android Auto mode.
  • Select “Sport Information” from the Android Auto apps menu and you will have Performance Monitor on the screen of your car.
Performance Monitor Android Auto

If everything is correct you will have the information in real time with everything you need to know about the operation of the car. Performance Monitor is very complete, the visualization is pleasant and does not offer distractions: indicators are large and highly visible. It is certainly a great addition to the vehicle’s dashboard.