How to install Cartube to watch YouTube on Android Auto

how to install cartube to watch youtube on android auto.jpg
how to install cartube to watch youtube on android auto.jpg

Watching YouTube in the car’s Android Auto is something you shouldn’t do while you’re behind the wheel, although with the car parked everything changes. Still, Google does not allow YouTube watching apps for Android Auto, but that does not mean that developers have been finding ways to do just that for a long time, like Cartube.

Cartube, like Fermata Audio, are part of the new batch of unofficial applications compatible with Android Auto that do things that Google does not want you to do with its platform. It’s a simple app to watch YouTube on your car’s Android Auto screen, and it works quite well. We tell you how to install CarTube.

1. You will need help to install it

The applications compatible with Android Auto are installed on the mobile and from there they become available on the car screen after connecting it. Now, only certified applications appear, so you need the help of specialized applications as AAAD to install them. However, AAAD does not allow you to install CarTube at the moment.

Instead, you will need to use AAStore, which is exactly the same concept and allows you to install some of the same applications that are available in AAAD, but with some more. Included in the list are CarTube and CarTube Controller, to control playback from the bottom bar of Android Auto.

That is, to install CarTube first you will need to install AAStore, which is not available on Google Play nor does it seem to have an official website. You can install it on your mobile by downloading and installing aastore-1.0.2.apk from this Telegram channel.

The application is very simple, showing you a list of unofficial applications for Android Auto ready to download and install. As soon as you open the app, you are shown a warning that you may need to use an older version of Android Auto, although this has not been a problem in our tests. Otherwise, tap on CarTube and hit Install.


If CartTube is the first application you have installed from AAstore, the first thing you will need is give CarTube permission to install apps. The process may vary a bit depending on the Android version and the mobile layer, but it generally involves checking a box granting permission, going back to the app, and trying again.

AAStore will download the APK of CarTube itself and will then ask you if you want install the app, to which you must answer yes, Install. The application is quite light, so that it is downloaded and installed in a few seconds.


2. Permissions and login (if you want)

Then it is time to open CarTube on your mobile, to grant a series of permissions. The application will ask you access the microphone, so that you can use voice search while driving.


From the mobile version you can access additional settings, the most important section being login with your Google account to access your subscriptions and recommendations. It is optional, and you can also use CarTube without logging in.

CarTube is free with certain limitations. If you want unlock its full potential, you must make a donation that is 2 euros or more. The PRO version adds functions such as playing video while driving, background audio, being able to switch between the next and previous video and the possibility of in

3. YouTube on Android Auto

At this point, it is time to connect the mobile to the car so that Android Auto is activated. If everything went well, you will see that CarTube appears in the application list. Tap on it to open the app on the car screen.


CarTube is basically the same as visiting the YouTube website, so it should be quite intuitive to navigate the interface, search for videos and, if you have the account started, check the new content of your subscriptions.


The application works reasonably well even in its free versionAlthough if you want to get all its juice it is recommended that you make a donation. Of course, being an unofficial application there is no guarantee that it will continue to work tomorrow.