How to have Xiaomi Super wallpapers on other mobiles, including the new scenes of Earth and Mars

how to have xiaomi super wallpapers on other mobiles including.jpg
how to have xiaomi super wallpapers on other mobiles including.jpg

Personalization through wallpapers got a new universe when Xiaomi introduced MIUI 12 on their mobiles: with this version came the Super Wallpapers, high-quality, dynamic wallpapers. Said Super Wallpapers were adapted by linuxct to non-Xiaomi mobiles. And now the developer updates his app with new scenes and custom settings.

Personalizing desktops with a wallpaper is a gesture as simple as it is effective, the mobile phone can change almost overnight. Thanks to this customization capacity, it is possible to choose from personal images to well-known works of art, both in the form of static and moving wallpapers. There are even brands that specialize in creating backgrounds that match phone and lock screen animations. Xiaomi is one of those brands.

Mars and Earth updated with more scenes to choose from

Miui Super Wallpapers

To apply a scene you have to choose it from the app selector and then apply the wallpaper from the phone’s wallpaper tool

The wallpapers application adapted by linuxct allows you to bring the famous dynamic backgrounds of MIUI 12 and MIUI 12.5 to any other Android with version 8 or higher. This makes it easy to test one from Xiaomi without the need to buy their phones. And with the great quality of the funds, which are not only pretty, they also flow seamlessly.

The Super Wallpapers adapted by linuxct They are based on scenes from Earth (Earth) and on Mars (Mars). With the new update the developer has added the Navagio beach and the Italian Dolomites in the background; with Pahrump Beach and Bahram Valley in the Mars Super Wallpaper.

The new scenes can be selected from the application in order to modify the look of the lock screen, unlock animation and desktop wallpaper, all from the built-in scene selector. In addition, the dynamic brightness is included to automatically adapt the Super Wallpapers to the light or dark mode of the phone; with a trade-off: it is no longer possible to select the theme manually (it can be adapted through programming).

Miui Super Wallpapers

The new Super Wallpapers replace the previous APK, so you have to uninstall the pre versions.