How to have a profile for each person on a TV with Google TV: the long-awaited novelty begins to reach everyone

how to have a profile for each person on a.jpg
how to have a profile for each person on a.jpg

A bit late, but Google is finally activating user profiles on Android TV and Google TV, starting with Google TV. With this novelty it is possible choose which user will use the TV and customize the recommendations and accounts used in each app.

If you share a TV or Chromecast with Google TV, you can now choose which account will be used on the TV. we tell you how you can add different accounts to a TV with Google TV and the steps to switch from one account to another.

First, add more accounts

One of the most anticipated novelties of Android TV and Google TV is the possibility of easy account switching, thus being able to obtain a recommended personalization based on your interests, which may be different from those of another person who uses the same TV. This is especially relevant since recommendations are one of the main pillars of Google TV, instead of just showing you apps to launch, like Android TV.

The novelty has been on the way for months, although it has not been until now that it has begun to be activated in a more or less generalized way. Keep in mind that it may still be some time before Google activates user profiles for you from the server side. To use multiple profiles, the first thing you’re going to need is add the other accounts to the telly


The process is quite simple and you will only have to carry it out once. After adding them to the TV, switching from one account to another will be a matter of a few button presses on the remote. These are the steps to add an additional account to your TV with Google TV:

  • Tap your profile picture on the Google TV home screen
  • Choose Add account
  • Select Add an account
  • Enter the email address of your Google account
  • Enter the password
  • If necessary, confirm your identity with an SMS code or with the help of your mobile
  • Choose the streaming services you want to use with this profile

If you want add a child account, which is not linked to a Google account, the process is similar. In this case, after clicking on your profile picture, you must use the option add child on the menu.

Then you must enter child’s name, age and accept a series of terms of use and customize the interface with apps and a wallpaper. Child accounts do not need to sign in with a Google account.


If later you want delete one of these accounts, the process is as easy as clicking on your profile picture and entering Manage accounts. From here, enter any of the accounts and then press the button Put off.

Then switch from one to the other

After adding multiple accounts to a TV with Google TV, every time you turn on the tv you will be asked which account you want to use, similar to what happens when you open an app like Netflix. After choosing an account, the content recommendations are changed according to that account.

Also, at any time you can switch accounts from the sidebar. A quick way to do this is with a long press of home button of command. Then press change account and choose the account you want to use.