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How to force Android Auto dark mode

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Prevent Android Auto from switching to light mode automatically

Above, clear interface; down dark mode

As we said, the vehicle screen adapts itself to the environment in which the car circulates. What is day? The clear mode is the one that dominates the interface. What do you do at night or do you drive through a tunnel? Night mode jumps to Android Auto. This automatic way of working is useful most of the time, but you might like the dark look better. It is even possible that your car does not detect the lighting correctly: by forcing the mode you make sure that the screen will stay with the same color settings.

Android Auto dark mode makes viewing less tiring, decreases the contrast between all interface elements and offers a design that is enhanced by the use of dark tones. It is usually a matter of taste: Android Auto does not change the operation just by forcing the dark mode or keeping the light tones. Yes, it should consume a little less energy; expense that, on the other hand, is ridiculous compared to everything that the car consumes.

Let us see what are the steps to force dark mode on Android Auto.

  • Connect your phone to your car, either wired or wireless Android Auto (if your vehicle supports it).
  • Access the “Settings” of Android Auto on the screen of your car.
  • Scroll down to “Night/Day Mode for Maps.”
  • By default you will have the automatic adjustment. Select “Night” to force night mode.
  • Alternatively, you can get the same effect from your mobile settings. Access the Android Auto settings on the mobile and select “Night” from the “Night/day mode for maps” menu. The effect is the same.

Android Auto night mode will apply to Google Maps and Waze cartography, also to the rest of the navigation applications that are compatible with this functionality of Android Auto. The car interface is inherently black, just like most of the apps available on the vehicle console.