How to fix the biggest problem of the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5: blood pressure and ECG on non-Samsung mobiles

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Samsung does not offer the configuration and registration app for advanced health measurements within Google Play; so it is only accessible within the Galaxy Store, restricted to owners of a brand phone. Installing the apk file of such app is of no use as it stays locked to Samsung Galaxy phones. Although there is the option to opt for the modified app.

Just like the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4, there is a method to use locked health readings on non-Samsung phones. Always after the logical warning: being unofficial modifications, the privacy risks are obvious. Even so, and under our analysis, the process is safe enough to recommend it.

Making use of modified applications is a security risk, especially when health data comes into play

Once the warning is made, for the process we will need the modified health application for the phone, a computer with ADB running and the modified app for the watch. They are all located in this Drive folder created by Dante63, the developer of the mods.

Bypassing the blocking of ECG and blood pressure reading is not easy, it requires an advanced process that requires some dexterity with the tools. Do it at your own risk.

  • Install the apk file on the phone you synced your Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 with. It’s the app located at the root of the folder named Phone.WearOS.
  • Go to your watch settings, go to “Connections”, go to “Wi-Fi” and make sure that the Watch 5 is connected to the same network as the phone.
  • Boot your computer, open a terminal window and check that the adb commands are working properly.
Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 ECG
  • Go back to the connection settings of the watch, enter the selected WiFi and write down the IP address assigned to you by the router.
  • Go back to the Watch 5 settings menu, scroll down to “About Watch”, go to “Software” and tap on “Software version” repeatedly until the developer options are activated.
  • Go to the newly enabled developer options and check “ADB Debugging” and “Debugging over Wi-Fi”.
Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 ECG
  • Start the fat. Go back to your computer’s terminal window, open the “Platform-Tools” directory and type adb kill-server to stop the server in case it is running; restart it with adb start-server. Important: all adb commands have a “./” in front if you’re using Linux or macOS (without the quotes).
  • Turn to connect via wireless ADB to your Samsung Galaxy Watch 4: write adb connect changing the x’s to the IP address you had noted down. Accept debugging on the clock: the terminal should reflect the successful connection.
Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 ECG
  • Download the modified watch apk, named Watch.SHM.Mod (inside the folder with the same name). This apk must go in the “Platform-Tools” folder of your computer. We recommend giving the file a friendly name, such as shm.apk.
  • Type in the terminal window adb -s install shm.apk changing the x’s to the IP address of the clock (and the filename if you put something else). You will have installed the modified Samsung Health Monitor app on the Galaxy Watch 5.
  • If a “Success” appears in the terminal, the process was carried out without problems. Otherwise you will have to repeat it.
Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 ECG
  • Write adb disconnect to disconnect the clock from the computer.
  • Now go into the developer settings of the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 and disconnect ADB over WiFi and ADB debugging. This step is important: if you don’t do it, your Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 will drain the battery by constantly waiting for a connection.
  • You probably have two Samsung Health Monitor apps: the one that originally came with the watch and the one you installed modified. You will have to live with both and choose the second to perform the ECG and blood pressure readings: this one has an M on the beat icon (it costs something to see it the first time).
Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 ECG

Blood pressure reading calibration process

Once you have everything installed, all you have to do is configure it: open Samsung Health Monitor on your non-Samsung mobile and select what you need step by step. When you want to take the readings, go to the clock app and choose if you want an electrocardiogram or know your blood pressure. All these readings are saved in the modified app.

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