How to duplicate any application on a OnePlus mobile with ‘Parallel Applications’

how to duplicate any application on a oneplus mobile with.jpg
how to duplicate any application on a oneplus mobile with.jpg

Some apps allow you to use multiple accounts and some don’t. In the latter case, it is possible to clone the application with apps such as App Cloner, Island or the function of duplicating mobile apps. On OnePlus, it’s called Parallel Apps and it works great, but it only allows you to clone certain apps. We will see how you can use it for any application.

If you need to have two copies of an application on your mobile for whatever reason, and that application does not appear in the list of parallel applications, there is a relatively simple way to clone any app on a OnePlus mobile, without resorting to virtual environments or other more complicated solutions.

Duplicate any application

Oxygen OS includes as standard the function to clone applications from the settings, in Parallel applications. It is a very simple system and compatible with applications such as WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, LINE, Messenger, Snapchat, Telegram and Twitter. All you have to do is check its box and a copy of the application is created, distinguishable by including a small badge.

The problem comes when you want clone an app that is not listed, such as the Xiaomi Home application, for example, useful if you have devices from different regions. In this case it is possible, although not from the settings: you will have to help yourself from ADB.

Parallel apps

From the settings you can only duplicate chat applications and social networks

The process is straightforward, although it requires a few steps. First, you must activate the developer options and, in them, enable USB debugging on mobile. Then it is the turn to connect the mobile to a PC using a USB cable.

You must use this PC to connect to the mobile using ADB as usual. Download to PC the APK file of the application you want to duplicate (for example, from APKMirror) and use the following command, changing the name and path of the APK file to the one appropriate in your case:

adb install –user 999 C: file.apk

If everything went well, the text will appear first Performing Streamed Install and then Success. In case the process does not finish, it may be useful to use the Parallel Applications menu to duplicate any supported application, so that the mobile prepares the ground before doing this process.


When an application has been successfully cloned, appears in the list of mobile applications with a small badge on their icon, and can be used and configured separately from the original application. Unlike other methods to duplicate apps, with this one you can add widgets to the home screen.