How to download Everdale to your mobile, the new Hay Day-style Supercell game

how to download everdale to your mobile the new hay.jpg
how to download everdale to your mobile the new hay.jpg

Supercell currently maintains several games in development that can already be tested following a specific process: Clash Mini and Clash Quest are a good example, also Everdale. This resource management game, with a setting similar to Hay Day, is in beta within some Nordic countries. Do you want to install it on your mobile? We teach you how to do it.

Access the tests of an application in development for Android It is not impossible if its creators maintain a more or less public beta. Sometimes the installation of a simple APK file is enough, others you have to complicate the steps to play with the location of the Google Play store. And there are games that are worth the effort: Everdale is a good sample. This new gem from Supercell reserves tons of hours of play.

Download Everdale on your mobile directly from Google Play


If you have made a search for the game in the Android application store, surely nothing has appeared, not for nothing does Supercell keep the beta active in a few territories. It also won’t work for you if you install one of the many APKs that can be found online.– Developers check that Everdale was downloaded from Google Play. That is, you need to install it officially.

Although it may appear complicated, the truth is that it is not very cumbersome: to access the official download of the game you need a VPN with servers in Sweden and create a new Google account. This process must be carried out on the mobile where you plan to play Everdale: it is the simplest and what will give you the least headaches.

Let’s see how to get Everdale to be officially on your Android, below you have all the steps.

  • Install TunnelBear on your mobile, it is an application that simulates the location in other countries thanks to the IP of its servers. Sign up and activate the VPN connection to Sweden (Sweden). You have a 2 GB trial with a free account, more than enough.
Clash Quest
  • Once you have the tunnel to Sweden active, go to your Android settings, enter “Accounts” and click on “Add account”.
  • Click on the “Google” option and the creation process begins. Since the VPN to Sweden is active, Google will associate this new account with the Nordic country.
  • Select any username, let Google suggest an unused alternative, and enter a password.
  • Skip the step of adding a phone number. If you create the account from your mobile, Google does not force you to associate a phone number (from the web browser, yes).
Clash Quest

Create a Google account from your phone

  • Accept the terms of use and you will have your Google account in Sweden. Don’t disconnect the VPN yet.
  • Turn to open Google Play: choose the newly created account on your mobile and search for “Everdale”. It will appear for you to download.
  • Install it, open Everdale and play all you want: once you have your game you will not need the VPN.

And voila: You will have Everdale on your Android from the official download and with the updates available (surely you need the connection to Sweden to update). Once Everdale is installed, you can choose the google account you want to save the progress in the game. It’s even possible to log in with your Supercell ID: so you won’t lose your data once Supercell distributes the game worldwide.

Resource management with a Supercell aesthetic


Everdale is a game where you have to manage a town that does not stop growing by dint of adding buildings, plantations, animals and other collectibles that will take a while to create to bear fruit. As is usual in this type of game, the currency and the gems not only allow to improve the games, they also speed up the processes.


Supercell keeps the farm mechanic, although it adds more social burden than Hay Day, too allows a higher level of interaction with game elements. You have to manage the growing town, manage the workers, the crops, investigate how to produce more and make the village the best place to live.

The game can be downloaded without too much trouble, though at the moment it is only in English (this will change in the final release). It is ad-free, offers relevant in-app purchases, and is free to download.



  • Developer: Supercell
  • Download it at: Google play
  • Price: Free
  • Category: Simulation