How to delete all Telegram messages for a specific date

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how to delete all telegram messages for a specific date.jpg

With the latest update of the Telegram messaging app, it took a notable step in privacy: version 8.3 allows restricting the content that is shared in groups and channels, as well as suddenly eliminating all messages of a date in individual chats. That you regret everything you said during a specific day? Telegram makes it easy for you to make all those messages disappear.

It may not be the one with the most users of all the messaging applications, but no one can deny Telegram that it is the one that brings the most news to the field of instant communication. Because they are not only messages, they are also communities, a complete cloud in which to store everything you want, Telegram allows you to share those files and even works as a “microblog”. The developers do not stop adding new features. And privacy is one of the essential areas.

Erase Telegram trace in seconds

With Telegram 8.3 the platform has introduced the block deletion of messages for a specific day. Thanks to this novelty you can get all you’ve said and shared in any one-on-one conversation disappear in one fell swoop. And here is your only limitation: deletion by date is only suitable for individual chats, not for groups or channels.

To delete the messages by date from your Telegram, and from the Telegram of those who have received these messages, you must do the following process:

  • Go to the chat you want to delete messages from. Remember: you can only delete by date in individual chats, not in groups or channels.
  • Click on the calendar date that appears in the chat, the one that comes out to divide the days of conversation. A calendar will be displayed.
  • Click on the bottom button of “Select days” and mark the one you want. If you want Telegram to eliminate an interval mark two days: all messages between those dates will be deleted, both included.
Telegram Deleted Date
  • Click on the “Empty chat for these days” below and confirm the deletion by checking the “Delete also for …”.
  • After a few seconds, during which you can cancel the process, Telegram will delete all the messages you have in