How to create and share routes with multiple stops on Google Maps for Android

how to create and share routes with multiple stops on.jpeg
how to create and share routes with multiple stops on.jpeg

How did we get to the sites before Google Maps? I also wonder, and it is that few applications are more practical in our day to day. Normally, we use Maps to go from point A to point B, but there are many more possibilities like creating a route with multiple stops, up to nine to be exact.

Routes with multiple stops are very useful in different situations, such as if we want to visit several points of a city during our vacations, which is the case that we have replicated for this tutorial. So you can create routes with several stops and then share them with other users.

How to create a route with multiple destinations on Google Maps

Let’s imagine that we want to plan a vacation in Rome and visit various monuments throughout the day. In order to start creating the route we need the starting point and the first destination we want to get to, which in our case is the Rome station and the Colosseum.

Google Maps Route Several Stops

Once the first two places have been selected, we have to choose whether we will go on foot, by car, public transport or bicycle. Then, to add stops you just have to click on the button with the icon of the three dots on the top right and a menu will open. The option we have to choose is ‘Add stop’.

Google Maps Route Several Stops

Google Maps lets us add up to nine stops on the same route, which are marked with letters (a, b, c, d, e …). While you are adding them you can see how the route looks on the map and also gives indications of the kilometers and the time it will take to complete it.

Google Maps Route Several Stops

One function that can be very practical is move stops to create the most efficient route. To do this, you have to press and hold on the icon of the two lines to the right of each stop and drag to the place you want.

Google Maps Route Several Stops 03

With the route already created, we can share it simply by opening the menu at the top right and selecting ‘Share directions’. The recipient will receive a link that will take them to Google Maps so you can follow the same route.

In this menu there is also the option to add the route to the home screen, very practical to always have it at hand.