How to convert WhatsApp audio to text on Android, ideal when you don’t have time (or you’re too lazy to listen to them)

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convert these messages from voice to text It can be a very recurring utility in our day to day.

Natively, this is an option available in Telegram Premium, but not in WhatsApp. At least for the moment. Nevertheless, there are tools in Google Play that help us to transcribe those audios. In this post we will talk about some of them and, of course, we will tell you how to use it.

This app even allows you to listen to the audio without leaving a trace

Call Transcribe for WhatsApp, this is an application that is available with early access on Google Play while waiting for a hypothetical final version, although the truth is that it has been like this for a while. In any case, you can try its functions nowamong which it stands out to be able to listen to the audios, leaving the trace that they were seen, but not heard.

The how to convert messages from voice to text it is quite simple. Being in the chat in question, you only have to press and hold the voice message, press the three points in the upper right and then on Share. Among the options that open, you must choose transcribe.

Transcribe Whatsapp

Once you do this, the option to listen to the audio without leaving a trace will appear, and you can even choose the speed. Although in this case the one that interests us is the Transcribe. You will see how is being transcribed little by littlesince the recognition system recognizes word by word.

Despite some occasional failures in recognition, the app works quite well. To highlight negatively is that it has somewhat intrusive advertising and that it does not work with very long audios.

In our experience, we must say that occasionally fails in some interpretation, especially if it is not pronounced well in the audio, the word is said very quickly or with a very marked accent. It is also true that advertising, although it can be removed in a few seconds, can be annoying.

Transcribe Audios

Transcribing audio step by step

In any case, it works well as a general rule in most cases. To get out of the way it works perfectlythus fixing any punctual trouble in which we receive a voice message that we cannot attend, as well as being able to listen to it without the other person knowing.

Transcribe for WhatsApp

Transcribe for WhatsApp

  • Price: Free
  • Developer: Mirko Dimartino
  • Download at: google play

There are no other trusted options that are really effective for this task.

Unfortunately, on Google Play we did not find too many trustworthy options For the homework. In fact, you just have to see the few ratings that some of these apps have and, in many of them, very negative. In tests that we have been able to carry out with them, none has been as effective as the one mentioned above, which, without being perfect, performs much better.

What we can find are other options to transcribe your own audiosalthough before