How to connect the mobile to the TV: so you can easily share the screen

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Showing vacation photos to the whole family, watching the movie you have pending in large size and with movie sound, exercising with the mobile app without having to pay attention to the small screen of the phone: there are many situations where you can take advantage of the projection possibilities offered by the TV. And Android has great compatibility with Smart TVs, it is worth taking advantage of it.

If you have a modern TV you don’t need anything else

If you use the projection or sending of the screen wirelessly, it is likely that you will need a Google Chromecast, Google TV, Amazon Fire TV or similar: with these devices you are guaranteed what we propose. They do not involve excessive spending and expand the multimedia possibilities of your Smart TV. Although yes, buy one of those HDMI players only if your TV does not support direct sending of the mobile screen.

Let’s see step by step the different ways to see the mobile on the big screen that televisions offer.

How to connect the mobile to cable TV

  • Connect the USB end to your mobile and the HDMI end to a free port on the TV.
  • Select the specific HDMI number on the television.
  • Automatically, your Android mobile will be projected on TV.

How to connect the mobile to the TV without cables and without buying anything else

  • Open an app that allows content delivery, such as YouTube.
  • Turn on the TV and make sure it’s connected to the same Wi-Fi network as your phone.
  • Click on the send icon in the YouTube app, from your mobile.
  • Check if your TV appears in the list of available devices. If this is the case, you don’t need anything else: you can project the screen of the mobile on the TV.

Once you have made sure that the TV is compatible with sending the screen from the phone, carry out the following process:

  • Open your Android settings and go to “Connected devices”. Depending on the brand, the exact name of the menu may vary.
  • Select the “On” option.
    • Select the HDMI of the Chromecast, Google TV or Android TV on the TV.
    • Open the phone settings and go to “Connected devices”. Depending on the manufacturer the name varies.
    • Select the “On” option.
      • Turn on the TV and go to the HDMI of the Fire TV.
      • Hold down the “Home” button on the remote (the one for the house) until a menu appears on the screen. Select “Mirror Mode”.
      • When the mirror mode of the Fire TV is activated, go to your Android mobile and enter “Connected devices”.
      • Find the “Send” menu and click on the name of your Fire TV.
      • When you want to stop the projection, deactivate the mirror mode or disconnect the sending from the notification area of ​​your Android mobile.