How to clean your Xiaomi thoroughly without installing any application

how to clean your xiaomi thoroughly without installing any application.jpg
how to clean your xiaomi thoroughly without installing any application.jpg

MIUI 12 comes loaded with tools, including one that allows us clean our Xiaomi thoroughly to free up space, without the need to install any application on the device. We have already taught you tools to free up space in Xiaomi and tricks to save space on your Android, and today it’s time to carry out the process from the native apps of the system.

In a matter of minutes you can do a thorough cleaning on your Xiaomi mobile, without having to manually search which files are taking up a lot of space. With Xiaomi’s deep cleaning tool we can perform the process in a fairly automated way.

How to free up space on Xiaomi from the ‘security’ app

Xiaomi’s ‘security’ app does not live up to its name too much, since this tool is mainly used to manage the internal space of our device, while only one option of all those offered is used to scan for possible viruses.

Xiaomi cleaning

If we want to do a deep cleaning of our device, we have to look for the ‘deep cleaning’ option and click on it. Here we will be shown the internal space that remains available to usas well as files and applications that are taking up a lot of space.

From here we can delete photos, applications and videos quickly. The app sorts the files that take up the most space by weight, so that we can go from more to less. This is one of the most useful ‘security’ tools, but it doesn’t end there.

Xiaomi cleaning

If we go down down we found a WhatsApp cleaner that allows us both to clear the cache of the app and attachments. Among them, we can delete voice messages, wallpapers that we have used, audios, GIFs, documents, everything. The same applies to Facebook, since we have a cleaner with the files of this app.