How to choose an audio track in your language on YouTube, although it is not only up to you

how to choose an audio track in your language on.webp.webp.webp
how to choose an audio track in your language on.webp.webp.webp

This year, Google is updating YouTube with new functions to improve the user experience. Some of them are exclusive for Premium users and, to narrow it down, on iPhones there is a quality increase for 1,080p resolution.

However, recently an option was released that content creators can exploit that makes it easier to access their videos. It is about the different audio tracks in videos, and we will tell you how to activate it to enjoy a video in English, for example, dubbed into Spanish. And no, you don’t have to be a YouTube beta user or anything like that.

How to change the audio track on YouTube

This feature is available on any platform YouTube is available on and, in addition, it seems that it automatically detects your language to change the audio track of the video.

And the function is exactly what you are thinking: As if it is a movie on Blu-Ray or on any streaming video platform, YouTube allows you to switch the audio track between the original language and as many as the content creator has decided to implement.

To change the audio track of a videoall you have to do is click on the gear icon to access the options and look for the “Audio track” option.

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There is nothing in the thumbnail of the video to indicate that it is translated.

This is a most interesting accessibility option, but unfortunately we’ve only seen it on some of the biggest youtubers. Mr. Beast is taking advantage of the feature pretty well, but others with millions of subscribers have used it in a couple of videos.

Marques Brownlee, technology youtuber, has taken advantage of the option in a video to show the shoes he has designed or in the unboxing of a $40,000 iPhone. And it is that, something important that must be said is that it is not an automatic translation. As with manual subtitles, the content creator must actively add an audio track.

Although at the moment it is not very widespread, we will see if in the future, and with the help of some of Google’s artificial intelligence, an automatic translation into several languages ​​can be achieved. For now, we will have to trust that our favorite youtubers take advantage of the option.

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