How to avoid being bothered by pop-up notifications while playing games on Android mobile

how to avoid being bothered by pop up notifications while playing.jpg
how to avoid being bothered by pop up notifications while playing.jpg

After a stressful day, you decide to escape from Slack, WhatsApp and company to guess the Wordle word of the day or enjoy playing a mobile game. When you start to get into the role, someone keeps bombarding you with messages which are displayed as pop-ups at the top. How can you end it?

Android pop-up notifications they are very useful in several situations, since they allow you to read their content without displaying the panel, but they can also be quite annoying. We tell you several ways to get rid of them either forever or at a specific time, such as when you are playing.

Do not disturb mode is your friend

Do not bother

If you don’t want to be disturbed, then yours is use do not disturb mode of the mobile. Although it is one of those things that Google changes almost in each version of Android, it is quite common that you have it in the quick settings of the mobile. In some cases you have several options to choose from the setting itself: in other mobiles it will be an on and off switch, although you can see the full options with a long touch.

do not disturb mode completely block mobile notifications while it’s active, though the good news is that notifications don’t go to waste. As soon as you disable do not disturb mode, notifications that came while it was on will be displayed. Do Not Disturb Mode is by far the most effective way to avoid being disturbed while gaming, but it can also cause you to miss important messages.

If there is a heavy, silence it

mute person

The bad thing about do not disturb mode is that they can pay the righteous for sinners: if it is only one person who does not stop sending you messages, activating the do not disturb mode will hide all notifications from everything. In that case, it makes more sense mute that specific person.

Some messaging applications allow you to mute chats or groups temporarily or forever, but in most of them you can easily do it from the notification itself, with a long touch on the notification. choose then Silence in the list and when it speaks to you the icon will be shown in the top bar, but without a popup.

You can also mute entire apps


Sometimes the problem is not a specific person, but an application that, perhaps, is too fond of sending you messages that do not interest you too much. The most radical option is to disable notifications altogether, though you can also choose to mute them.

As with message notifications, when an application has its notifications silenced, its icon is displayed in the top bar of the mobile, but no popup. Apps usually have various types of notifications (so-called notification channels) and you can set whether they are silent or not separately.

Does your mobile have game mode?


Android has not officially had a game mode until Android 12, although it is a function that is present in many customization layers, such as OxygenOS. In these game modes it is usual hide or pause notifications while playingto avoid being disturbed in your sessions.

The operation will change slightly depending on the game mode that your mobile has, but from its settings you should be able to choose enter if you want to activate the Do Not Disturb mode or How do you want notifications to be displayed while you are playing?.