How to ask Google to blur your house in Street View

how to ask google to blur your house in street.jpg
how to ask google to blur your house in street.jpg

You do not like that the photo of your house appears in Street View and you would like Google to blur it? Well, there is the option to request it: through Street View, both on the web and in the mobile application, you can in

With the arrival of Street View, first in beta, Google revolutionized the consultation of maps since it was possible know what the places were like before even parking in front with the car. The famous yellow doll then became the best tool to avoid getting lost at the destination; with its pertinent negative side: anyone can see what is the exterior of someone else’s house like. Luckily Google foresees this lack of privacy and allows you to request a blur in Street View.

Hide the entrance of your house so that nobody can see it on Google Maps

Google Maps Blurred

Google blurs a multitude of elements in Street View. People’s faces are blurred by default, there are also certain places that, for safety, hide from maps, both from street level and from satellite view. This automatic behavior of Google can also be requested in a personal capacity; without there being the guarantee that our address will finally be blurred or that the blur will be located as we wish.

The form can be filled in at any point in Street View. It informs Google that an image is inappropriate; either because a face appears, a car or because we want to inform that it is our house and we want to blur it.

To request the action of Google on a specific area of ​​Street View, you must perform the following steps:

  • Open Google Maps on your mobile and search for your home.
  • Hold down on your location until the bottom Street View box appears. Click there.
  • Navigate with Street View to the specific point where your house is correctly seen and click on the top three menu points, then on ‘Report a problem‘.
  • You will see a form with the image of your house above and a red box. Drag this box to the area you want to blur.
  • Answer the questionnaire with ‘My house’ and explain what to blur.
  • Leave your email address.
  • Submit the form and wait.
Google Maps Blurred

Google will resolve the request over the next few days, predictably blurring the area of ​​your home that you have selected. You must bear in mind that the blur is permanent, your house will always appear blurred in Street View.

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