How to activate the dark theme in the web version of Google Search on your Android

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how to activate the dark theme in the web version.jpg

Two years ago the dark theme came to Chrome on our mobile devices to take advantage of one of the novelties of Android 10. With this mode the browser interface becomes dark, like the few websites that currently support a dark theme, to be more pleasant to our eyes when we navigate in the dark before going to sleep, so that we are not dazzled by the blank backgrounds of the websites.

When Google launched the dark theme in Chrome he forgot his search engine, which kept showing blank. Up to now. After launching last September the dark theme in the web version for desktops of its Google search engine now said dark mode also comes to the mobile web version of Google, but to enjoy your dark theme we have to activate it manually. We tell you how.

This is how the dark theme is activated

Dark Theme Google Web

To activate the theme in the web version of the Google search engine, the first thing we have to do is enter Google com or Google is from the navigation bar or perform a search. Once inside the Google search engine we have to click on Menu (☰) to display your navigation menu. There we have to Settings.

Once inside the search engine configuration, among all its options, we will find the new option Appearance. By default the clear theme is activated, but we can choose by default the dark theme, or activate the ‘Device Default Option’. With this last option, the dark theme will be activated when we activate it from the device’s quick settings or with the battery saving mode. Once the desired option has been chosen we have to click on the button Keep for the changes to take effect.

Dark Theme Google Web

Once the dark theme, the Google search engine will show dark gray tones throughout its interface instead of that radiant white background. All sections will be displayed in dark colors: search results, news, images, videos, Shopping, etc …

Dark Theme Google Web

After activating from the configuration of the dark theme a direct access from the navigation bar of the seeker. So by pressing the Menu (☰) we can quickly activate or deactivate the dark theme without having to enter the settings.

The dark theme of the Google web for mobile is compatible with some browsers such as Chrome or Microsoft Edge. In other browsers such as Firefox it seems that this new dark theme is not yet supported.

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