How to activate high performance mode directly from the desktop of your Samsung phone

how to activate high performance mode directly from the desktop.jpg
how to activate high performance mode directly from the desktop.jpg

With current mobiles as devices with which to carry out any type of task, there are not a few manufacturers that have opted to include a high-performance mode (the name may change depending on the brand). It is a kind of vitaminized way to exploit the device’s hardware to the full.

If you already comb gray hair, surely you remember the turbo button in the old PC towers. The high performance mode on a mobile is something similar. We have seen it in Xiaomi and now we are going to see how it can be activated on Samsung mobiles. Some preconfigured parameters that allow that each component of the mobile reaches its maximum potential although at the cost of consuming more energy.

No regard for the battery

Enhanced Processing

In the case of Samsung mobiles, the high performance mode can be activated directly from the “Settings” from the device, but also from the desktop of our computers. Something that can be carried out both in models with Android 11 and in those that already have Android 12, although there are small differences.

Before continuing we must know that having the maximum performance of the activated mobile entails a higher battery consumption and the phone can get hotter, something that the system is responsible for notifying us before activating this function.

To activate the “Improved processing” (the high performance mode in Android 11) we must enter the “Settings” and click on “Device maintenance” As we enter it we must seek “Battery” and click on that section. Then we go down and click on “More drum settings”.

Android 11

We will see different sections and one of them is “Improved processing”. We just have to check the activation box.

Android 11 2

The text under the statement clarifies how this mode works. “Provides faster data processing for all applications except games. Consumes more battery.”

On Android 12

In the case of Android 12 (image on these lines), whose tests we have carried out with a Galaxy S21, the steps are the same, but when entering the section “More battery settings” we will see how the section appears “Processing speed”. If we click on it, we can choose between three modes:

  • Optimized: Recommended for all situations, it is the one that offers a balance between speed, battery consumption and cooling efficiency.
  • high: Offers faster data processing at the cost of consuming more battery and heating up the device more. Ideal if some apps run in jumps.
  • Maximum: Recommended for short-term use with apps that require a lot of data power. The mobile heats up more and consumes more battery.

Activate it from the shortcuts


We have seen how you can activate the high performance mode from the “Settings” of the system, but there is another method to do it in a single click. It is about adding the shortcut to high performance mode from the “Quick settings panel”.

To achieve this we only have to display the “Quick settings panel” that appears at the top of the screen and add the icon of “Improved processing” by clicking on the symbol “+” that appears in the upper right area.

Now this access to high performance mode appears in the “Quick Settings Panel” in the desired position, and it will be enough to unfold the panel again and click on the option to be able to activate this mode.