How to activate developer options on Android and what it is for

how to activate developer options on android and what it.jpg
how to activate developer options on android and what it.jpg

Android phones have a lot of options in their settings, but not all of them are accessible in plain view. The advanced settings are hidden in developer optionswhich are also useful for users on foot.

Lots of advanced Android tricks and customizations require developer options to be enabled. We tell you how to do it, why they are important and, if you have a problem with them, how to deactivate them.

How to enable developer options

The way to activate the options for developers has been the same for many years, and very similar to the way in which we can open the Easter egg of each version of Android: by hitting a data in the mobile settings. The difference is that instead of doing it in the Android version, you have to do it in the build number.

Thus, the official way to activate the options for Android developers is to enter the mobile settings, touch Device Information and, in the row indicating the build number, play repeatedly. Seven times, to be exact. As you do so, a warning message will tell you how many extra taps you have left to activate the developer options and when they have been activated.


Keep in mind that the different versions of Android and the layers of customization change the names and position of the menusso that the data of build number it could have slightly different names, like “version number”, and be hidden within other submenus. Sometimes it’s hard to find it, but to be, it’s there

On newer versions of Android, you need enter the mobile PIN before they are activated, for safety. Here are the steps required to enable developer options on Android:

  • Enter the mobile settings

  • Tap on Device Information

  • Knock seven times on build number

  • If necessary, enter the PIN

How to access developer options


After doing the steps above to activate the developer options, it can be a bit confusing as the options themselves don’t open directly. The menu with the options for developers is located in another section of the settings.

Again, it will depend a lot on the version of Android and the customization layer of your Android mobile, but the most common is that the Android development options appear as a menu within System, in the mobile settings. In some layers they are shown as the main menu, in the mobile settings. This is how the options for developers of an Android mobile are accessed (when they are already activated):

  • Enter the mobile settings

  • tap on System

  • tap on Developer Options

What are developer options for?

As the name suggests, the Android developer options are, primarily for developers. Its objective is to make it easier for application developers to be able to test their applications and/or make sure that they adapt correctly to changes that will arrive in the next versions of Android.

Some clear examples of the usefulness of developer options for developers are found in the settings to show view changes, the location simulation or the demo mode, which cleans the taskbar of things so that screenshots can be taken of screen. However, the options for developers are also a must for advanced users.


The main reason for this is that the developer options must be active to enable USB debugging, which in turn is required to connect the mobile to a PC via ADB. The ADB connection is behind a thousand and one tricks and allows us, among many other things, to uninstall the bloatware that comes with the mobile.

Other options are designed so that developers can test their apps, but can also be used by users, such as the speed of animations (which some prefer so that the system “goes more agile”). They will also allow us to know better how our mobile behaves, being able, for example, to see how many hertz is the screen running at at any time or change the default settings when connecting the mobile.

In short, Android Developer Options is a mixed bag where the advanced options go of Android and that for most users of the system will not be necessary. They are in a way the equivalent of the Chrome Flags of Google Chrome, but for the entire mobile.

How to disable developer options

Generally if you turn on the developer options there is usually no reason to turn them off, though some games may force you to do so as part of its anticheat protections. If this is the case, all you need to do is open them and turn off their switch.


If you disable the developer options and exit its menu, the menu will disappear from the settings. However, you can bring it back at any time following the same process as always.