How to access all DTT channels from any device and without installing any application

how to access all dtt channels from any device and.jpg
how to access all dtt channels from any device and.jpg

A few days ago we saw how to have all the DTT channels on a television with Android TV or Google TV without having to tune them in and now we are going to see an alternative. We need a browser, Internet connection and it works for almost any device, whether mobile, tablet, PC, television …

Having access to free-to-air digital terrestrial television (DTT) from any device is possible thanks to Without having to have an antenna or a TD receiver, we are only going to need an internet connection to access all available channels.

Without installing apps


In Chrome, Safari, Edge and Firefox

Simply enter to have access to more than 1,000 TV channels in total, both national and foreign, local, regional or thematic. And without the need to install applications of any kind, which allows its use on any device with access to a web browser.

It is a web service that offers a user interface that is easy to use and accessible to all users. This website is a kind of storage drawer with all the channels available on DTT. Each is represented as an icon for easy identification. We can access both the live broadcast and the web playback.


Try to enter from a compatible web browser and select any of the channels that appear on the screen. We can choose between national, international channels, radio stations, information and other payment channels.

Once chosen, click on the logo, choose between start official streaming of said channel (direct) with the broadcast that they are making at that time or if we prefer, access the corresponding web broadcast. allows you to adjust the quality of the image, but also access the basic playback controls, pausing the streaming at any time.

For the tests from the mobile I have used Chrome, Edge, Safari and Firefox and it has worked in all of them. Playback starts in a separate web window in our browser so that we don’t have to go page by page for each channel, both in Windows operating systems such as macOS, Linux, iOS and Android. This does not prevent full screen playback from being used.

On Android a channel aggregator which is limited to linking to the respective channels **, a total of about 200 Spanish channels and another 400 international, as well as a good collection of radios and thematic channels.