How often is it recommended to clean mobile cookies

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Beyond the changes in the legislation of cookies that have happened to us in recent times, we already know that their essence does not change and they continue to be elements of the browser that take up a lot of space. And though they may be important, check them relatively often It is important.

Far from what it may seem we do not recommend deleting them too often. By themselves they are not bad either and help to improve the experience of using a browser. For example, preventing us from having to log in to websites every time we go in and see

Now, it shouldn’t be neglected either. It is advisable that we delete them twice a month. It’s not that there are studies or standards that support this recommendation, but it is what in our opinion can be considered a good middle ground between neglecting these files excessively and being obsessed with them.

When using incognito browsing, no cookie data is stored, which can be useful if we browse websites that we do not visit frequently and do not want to delete other cookies that may be useful to us.

Nevertheless, It also depends on how you use the browser.. If you are an intensive user of this and you browse different websites every day, having many that you do not visit again, perhaps the recommendation would be to delete them even more frequently to prevent that data from being stored.

Evidently, it is also advisable to delete them when the storage is full or close to doing so. Normally in these cases, unless you have been very careless, they will not free up enough space to completely address the problem, but it helps.