HBO Max evolves: vertical, random playback, group viewing and new design for mobiles and browsers

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and now improvements are announced.The platform is preparing to make various additions of features and to improve its performance thanks to an update that has already been officially announced. Among the new functionalities that we will receive will be the famous group play or ‘Share Play’, although it will not initially reach all users of the platform or all countries. But there are more improvements on the way.

Design improvements for HBO Max and new features

HBO Max announces that its shuffle button, which reached televisions and browsers last March, finally lands on the company’s mobile apps. An interesting novelty for those who squeeze their content from small screens and want to see something new, letting the app decide for them.

The HBO Max mobile app will also launch a dedicated section exclusively to the content that we have downloaded. This section is designed to offer better performance and stability, and will also bring with it improved navigation controls that will affect the entire HBO Max app.

In the HBO Max tablet app we can change content playback from portrait to landscapesomething that until now was vetoed, and the appearance of the application is redesigned so that it has “a refined design and a style so that the content shines”.

The app also incorporates the famous ‘Share Play’ to be able to view content in a group and at a distance, although it will only reach users of Apple platforms (iOS and iPadOS) and will initially stay in the United States. We will see when we receive the deployment of all these novelties in Spain, their arrival has been announced but without a date.

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